Web Writing Essentials

In today’s modern times,​ writing grows with time. at​ the​ onset of​ website development,​ writing expanded and created different forms and styles. Standard writing gave birth to​ web writing. Compared to​ the​ former,​ the​ latter is​ more demanding. This is​ because visitors of​ a​ homepage or​ a​ site lack the​ diligence of​ the​ conventional readers.

If you want to​ your content to​ be a​ sure hit,​ you have to​ have these web writing essentials:

1. Readability. Patience – that’s what most of​ the​ visitors do not have. Thus,​ you have to​ immediately give them the​ information they wanted. Be sure that your font size and color will contribute to​ its readability.

Another,​ express what you want to​ say in​ brief and full sentences. Bear in​ mind that a​ word can be a​ sentence. You need not go verbose for the​ readers won’t like it.

2. Scanability. Scanning is​ another great probability because online readers tend to​ scan. to​ make it​ easier for them,​ use bullets,​ numbering and letters to​ produce an​ outlined look. Use frequent paragraph breaks to​ make the​ eyes rest at​ every break. Subtopics can also be had for summarization of​ ideas.

3. Relevance. Your content must be relevant to​ your site’s purpose. Otherwise it​ should not be placed there. to​ know whether it​ is​ relevant,​ ask yourself if​ it​ is​ related to​ the​ topic or​ site. is​ it​ important to​ your cause? if​ it​ is​ then,​ never forget to​ include it.

4. Error-free. Mechanical and factual errors can be disastrous. They can spoil the​ visitor’s reading experience or​ worse,​ ruin the​ site’s credibility. Moreover,​ you have to​ read,​ proofread,​ edit and edit some more.

5. Harmony with the​ web design. the​ content and the​ web design must be in​ harmony with each other. the​ responsibility lies on​ both the​ designer and the​ writer. They must work closely together to​ achieve this end.

6. Consistency. the​ tone,​ terms and style must be regular throughout the​ pages. Inconsistencies baffle and upset the​ readers.

7. Personality. Every home page must be distinct from all other. it​ must exude personality which gives them the​ chance of​ knowing you or​ your company.

Content is​ the​ king of​ the​ website. Be sure that the​ king will appear regal and pleased.

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