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What not to​ do and why a​ paid domain is​ important.

With all of​ the​ methods of​ web site promotion and web page marketing available,​ it​ is​ wise to​ know what not to​ do. There are tricks that many beginners may be tempted to​ try but shouldn’t. Search engines and directories have gotten very smart with detection techniques these days and will severely penalize those who perpetrate fraud.

In the​ “old days” it​ was easy to​ use these techniques. They still can be used but it​ is​ not recommended.

Invisible text,​ small text and unrelated Meta tags/keywords

Placing hundreds of​ keywords formatted in​ the​ color as​ the​ background. While visitors will not see it,​ search engines and directories will due to​ the​ fact that they don’t “see” background colors. This causes them to​ read the​ “invisible text” as​ keywords which place the​ site higher in​ the​ rankings and results.

Yes,​ this is​ still possible to​ do,​ but if​ you​ are caught,​ your site or​ even you​ as​ a​ person,​ may be banned from that particular directory/engine. it​ just isn’t worth the​ risk.

Another version of​ this is​ to​ use extremely small text that blends in​ with the​ background graphics of​ the​ page. it​ really isn’t “invisible” but is​ simply indistinguishable from the​ background. This carries the​ same penalty as​ invisible text; so again,​ it​ is​ not worth the​ risk.

One other common mistake made is​ the​ use of​ Meta tags or​ keywords that do not relate to​ the​ material on​ the​ site. as​ example,​ you​ know that adult related keywords are searched literally thousands of​ times each day. in​ the​ hopes of​ getting tons of​ visitors,​ you​ add these to​ your Meta tags or​ actually into the​ text of​ the​ page.

What really happens here is​ the​ visitors you​ receive from this are looking for something else unrelated to​ what you​ are trying to​ sell or​ promote. This is​ not a​ good thing to​ do since it​ correlates negatively to​ your visitor/click/conversion ratios.

The importance of​ a​ paid domain name:

When a​ visitor comes to​ your site,​ they are assessing you​ right from the​ start. as​ they browse through your products or​ services,​ they are looking at​ how the​ site is​ set up,​ the​ design and professionalism. One of​ the​ most important things is​ to​ use a​ paid domain name for your web site. Having http://www.xxxxxxx.freehostforever.com isn’t as​ good as​ http://www.xxxxxx.com. the​ shorter address looks better,​ more professional and builds trust in​ your company.

Having a​ paid domain has other benefits as​ well. Paid hosting is​ cheap these days and is​ faster and more reliable than free hosting. it​ also lends some authority to​ your site and shows visitors that you​ are serious. This can be a​ deciding factor in​ whether or​ not they send their money to​ you. Another reason is​ that it​ is​ easier to​ get a​ domain name into a​ registry,​ directory or​ search engine. Getting listed is​ already a​ tough task to​ accomplish,​ so why make it​ any harder? it​ makes good business sense to​ use a​ paid host as​ a​ way to​ make that all important first impression on​ your visitors.

These are all small things that can mean a​ lot to​ you​ in​ terms of​ traffic,​ visitors and sales.

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