Web Design And Marketing Language

Web Design And Marketing Language

How effective is​ marketing in​ site design? Well,​ let me share an​ ‘off site’ story.

A blind man was sitting on​ a​ street corner and a​ sign had been placed before the​ man that read,​ “I’m blind,​ please help.” in​ front of​ the​ sign was a​ hat with a​ few coins shared by those passing by.

A marketing guru was walking by and noticed the​ man sitting there. She spoke a​ few words to​ the​ man and tossed in​ a​ few coins. Then she took the​ sign turned it​ over and wrote something on​ the​ back of​ the​ sign and placed it​ back in​ its spot with her own message on​ display.

When she came back later in​ the​ day she noticed that the​ hat was nearly filled with bills and coins. When she voiced her amazement,​ the​ man turned toward her and said,​ “You were the​ one that changed my sign.”

“Yes,​ I was,​” she admitted.

“Please. What does it​ say?” he asked.

“The autumn colors are changing and I can’t see it.”

Can you​ see how the​ difference in​ marketing allowed those who passed by to​ discover they had a​ way to​ identify with the​ man when a​ simple “Please Help” sign did very little to​ motivate them to​ action.

This is​ often why so many businesses hire advertising agents,​ copywriters and freelance writers to​ help them achieve a​ website that helps touch consumers on​ a​ different level than just saying,​ “This site carries a​ wide selection of​ really good stuff.”

Sometimes good marketing is​ simply finding a​ new way to​ say something that generally comes across as​ either trite or​ cliché.

Typically when site design is​ discussed there is​ often the​ knee jerk reaction that leans toward simply ‘throwing’ text together that can fill the​ newly created pages. the​ design often relies heavily on​ graphics without paying similar attention to​ what is​ actually being conveyed to​ site visitors.

If you​ have an​ existing site you​ may want to​ personally review the​ pages or​ hire someone who can help you. This is​ a​ good idea to​ locate outdated and inaccurate information as​ well as​ descriptions that are not especially helpful to​ your marketing goals.

The more you​ can connect with your customers through potent marketing the​ better your conversion rates. Connecting with your customer with consumer-centric marketing practices actually invites a​ greater level of​ trust and patronage from those customers.

This doesn’t mean you​ toy with their emotions,​ you​ simply learn to​ speak a​ language that is​ personal and inviting to​ your site visitor.

Don’t run your site like some Middle School students who ring your doorbell and pass you​ a​ flyer while saying,​ “You don’t want to​ buy any magazine subscriptions? Do you?”

When you​ give your customer an​ easy out – they’ll take it. Too many sites either portray something that they aren’t sure is​ even worth your time or​ they never get to​ the​ point of​ asking for your business.

Market effectively,​ give a​ call to​ action,​ and demonstrate confidence in​ what you​ have to​ sell and your website design will be the​ catalyst for improved and long-term sales.

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