Wealth Funnel System Two Resort Marketing Consultants Promote Grn

Wealth Funnel System Two & Resort Marketing Consultants Promote GRN
Derrick Harper’s Wealth Funnel System Two (WFS2) & Resort Marketing Consultants (RMC) Online Marketing Education EXPERTS team up to​ market the​ Global Resorts Network (GRN) travel products and the​ online marketing education of​ the​ Wealth Funnel System One (WFS1).
The online marketing Experts educate you​ in​ successful Web 2.0 strategies utilizing either the​ Consumer products or​ the​ Business Opportunity relating to​ the​ GRN travel products.
The Consumer products of​ GRN offer you​ the​ opportunity to​ travel the​ world staying at​ 4 and 5-Star resorts for a​ fraction of​ the​ cost; i.e .​
$4000 for a​ one-week stay vs .​
$298 for the​ same accommodations and length stay with the​ GRN product.
The Business Opportunity of​ the​ GRN product offers you​ $1000 commissions on​ every sale as​ well as​ another $1000 on​ every sale from the​ business associates you​ bring into your business.
With two sales per week at​ $1000 or​ $100,​000 for the​ year,​ another 3 sales per week from business associates or,​ $150,​000,​ your first year potential is​ around $250,​000.
Every 6 seconds a​ new home-based business is​ started in​ the​ United States alone .​
The success rate for new businesses hovers around the​ 2% mark with lack of​ education in​ marketing the​ #1 reason for so many failures.
The WFS2 and RMC successful track record of​ online marketers success right out the​ gate is​ due to​ the​ education model and implementation of​ the​ Web 2.0 strategies early on​ in​ the​ process.
The success comes from: Live training &education,​ live one-on-one coaching,​ live group discussions as​ a​ team,​ live technical support,​ live call center & sales support,​ 70+ hours of​ pre-recorded live training sessions,​ custom-designed and highly converting websites,​ multiple Brand-able capture pages,​ and multiple retail capture pages for the​ GRN retail consumers.
As a​ home-based business owner take a​ look at​ WFS2 & RMC .​
The online marketing education along with the​ GRN products are the​ winning combination your home-based business has been
searching for!

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