Ways Leading To Hairloss

Ways Leading to​ Hairloss
All of​ us lose hair everyday,​ whether male or​ female,​ young or​ old. This is​ pretty obvious from the​ hair that is​ left in​ our brush or​ comb. Also,​ you​ can easily find fallen hair that collects near the​ drain pipe in​ your shower room.
Most of​ us lose hair every day; you​ only have to​ look at​ your hair brush or​ comb to​ see this is​ true. in​ fact,​ this may surprise you​ but every two to​ three months we​ may find we​ lose up to​ 10 percent of​ our hair. it​ is​ a​ natural growth cycle that hair undergoes. New hair grows,​ and old hair falls out because they have reached the​ end of​ their life cycle which varies from between two and six years. What alerts someone to​ his hair loss is​ when he begins to​ suspect that more hair is​ lost than normal and that a​ balding scalp is​ beginning to​ form.
There are varying reasons as​ to​ why someone may lose more than the​ normal amounts of​ hair. it​ could be hormonal relating to​ the​ thyroid or​ the​ male or​ female hormones may be out of​ balance. Sometimes people may lose hair some months after they have experienced an illness or​ major surgery. Sometimes after giving birth some women may experience more hair loss than normal this is​ due to​ the​ hormones returning back to​ their normal levels.
Certain medications may also cause hair loss. These medicines include blood thinners anticoagulants,​ those used to​ treat gout,​ chemotherapy,​ contraceptive pills and some antidepressants. Too much vitamin a​ can also lead to​ a​ loss of​ hair. Hair loss may also occur due to​ an underlying disease that may not have been diagnosed,​ such as​ Lupus or​ diabetes,​ so any unusual hair loss is​ always best to​ get checked out by your physician.
How a​ person takes care of​ his or​ her hair has an impact on​ hair loss. Hair loss can be more severe if​ hair is​ often tied up pig tails or​ cornrows,​ or​ in​ tight hair rollers on​ a​ regular basis. the​ constant pulling on​ the​ hair can cause a​ type of​ scarring and in​ the​ long term could lead to​ permanent hair loss. Also,​ prolonged use of​ hot oil hair treatments or​ chemicals used in​ perms may cause swelling of​ the​ hair follicle,​ which can result in​ scarring and lead to​ hair loss.
Then of​ course,​ there are the​ more common or​ well known types of​ hair loss male pattern baldness brought about be genetic factors. This usually starts off with a​ receding hair line and baldness eventually appearing on​ top of​ the​ head.
While hair loss is​ more common in​ men,​ women are not spared totally either. Women may also suffer from the​ female version of​ this type of​ Alopecia whereby the​ hair becomes thin over their entire scalp.
In some of​ the​ forms of​ hair loss mentioned above,​ hair loss can be treated,​ either by changing medication,​ balancing hormones,​ and if​ temporary,​ letting nature take its course. Others though,​ such as​ male or​ female pattern baldness can be trickier to​ deal with. if​ you​ intend to​ sign up for​ a​ particular hair loss treatment course,​ be sure to​ do some research first before paying huge sums of​ money for​ it.
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