Ways For A Kid To Make Money

Ways for a​ Kid to​ Make Money
One of​ the​ ways for a​ kid to​ make money .​
Can a​ kid make money by writing essays? Yes! After 2 years perhaps more than many adults are earning.
Teen Handicaps
* no experience of​ life
* no money
* need time for homework,​ sport and friends.
Teen Advantages
* It's not true that you've no experience .​
You've a​ lot of​ school experience.
* you​ have a​ lot more energy to​ bring to​ the​ task than many adults have.
* you​ can get help .​
Your English teacher will be delighted to​ help you​ with writing essays .​
* Parents can pay for ways for a​ kid to​ make money .​
Get their promise to​ get you​ started if​ you​ get top marks for ten essays .​
You'll soon write top essays with my free report.
* Time for 2 essays/week
No Salesmanship
Your ways for a​ kid to​ make money must not need salesmanship .​
As a​ salesperson
you wouldn't be looking for ideas - you'd already be making money.
You really can do it
How do I​ know? a​ teenage girl is​ making
money with this idea just writing essays about her holidays .​
One of​ the​ ways for a​ kid to​ make money is​ here
case-studies.sitesell.com/buildwebprofit.html#NORI .​
Notice that her income is​ still growing .​
She didn't get rich immediately .​
You don't need to​ know anything about making a​ web site .​
The package that Nori uses does all the​ technical stuff for you​ .​
So there's no excuse.. .​
you concentrate on​ ways for a​ kid to​ make money with essays.
Tier 1 of​ ways for a​ kid to​ make money
1 Find a​ demand .​
Choose a​ subject that interests you​ with lots of​ popular keywords (search terms) .​
Free search here searchit.sitesell.com/buildwebprofit.html
2 Check Overture for top bids on​ the​ most popular keywords .​
Best if​ there are lots of​ keywords with bids over $5
3 Search Google .​
If there are 30 million sites competing for a​ keyword you​ aren't quite ready to​ compete.
4 There is​ a​ better search tool that does steps 1 and 3 for you​ but it's not free.
5 the​ package that Nori uses,​ has a​ search engine built in.
Just one word of​ warning .​
If you're using Overture keyword tools and suddenly get a​ message saying that you're over using it​ - you've lost the​ use of​ a​ tool .​
Other keyword tools keep changing their IP number so Overture doesn't recognise them on​ their next visit.
There isn't room here to​ cover all the​ ways that I​ use to​ discover what people want to​ read about.
In all ways for a​ kid to​ make money the​ important idea is.. .​
avoid selling .​
You need to​ sell if​ there is​ no interest .​
If people are interested they'll swarm around you​ .​
You want people who are interested and have money.
That's why you​ check on​ the​ top bids .​
Forget a​ subject with 5 cent bids .​
Don't stop until you​ find a​ good subject .​
An unpopular subject will lose you​ money.
Ways for a​ kid to​ make money?
You are ready when
* hordes visit your site
* you've written about 30 popular web pages.
Submit your site to​ Google Adsense .​
Once they accept you​ they'll give you​ a​ code to​ put on​ your web pages .​
Each time someone clicks on​ an​ Adsense advert on​ your page with a​ $5 bid,​ Google gets a​ share and you​ get a​ share .​
Do you​ see why I​ don't suggest bothering with 5cent bids? You're getting money without selling anything at​ all.
Tier 2 of​ Ways for a​ Kid to​ Make Money
Now continue writing more web pages,​ but also write free articles like this one.
Why...? What's the​ point...?
* See the​ links at​ the​ foot of​ this article for free goodies? When your article excites anybody they visit your website .​
Thousands of​ visitors means thousands of​ people seeing your Adsense ads,​ which means...more money.
* you​ will build your reputation .​
Reputation is​ valuable for your future.
* Archive your articles on​ cheap website offering a​ sub-domain
* Modify and reuse on​ your web pages.
One day you​ may want a​ job if​ you​ haven't chosen a​ subject that thrills visitors .​
Reputation: your potential employer may have read some of​ your articles .​
Otherwise suggest a​ Google search on​ a​ unique phrase in​ one of​ your articles .​
If she sees that 1256 websites have copied your article will she be impressed?
Money: you​ can afford to​ wait for a​ better job if​ you're getting money from your website .​
Experience: how many of​ your rivals have experience handling money,​ keeping accounts,​ filling in​ tax forms,​ making a​ website? Very few I​ think!

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