Wax Hair Remover 03

You have to​ admit,​ it's hilarious how our beauty trends shift .​
What was hot back in​ the​ 80s is​ doubtfully in-style now .​
Even the​ 90s are too far gone to​ refer back to​ for​ tips .​
This is​ the​ new millennium,​ and that means fresh trends and new possibilities .​
Some of​ these you​ will like and some you​ may despise .​
Either way,​ they probably won't be here for​ long .​
Well,​ most of​ them anyway .​
There are indeed a​ few exceptions to​ the​ rules .​
Remember back in​ the​ day when a​ hair chest was cool? This was in​ the​ 70s and 80s,​ right? Or maybe it​ was as​ far back as​ anyone can recall .​
Well,​ it​ certainly ended in​ the​ 90s .​
Ever since then it's been all about smooth skin and wax hair remover galore .​
Are you​ a​ manly man?
Ah,​ the​ chest fuzz! This was actually a​ rugged,​ masculine feature at​ one point .​
In fact,​ girls used to​ go gaga over guys who sported serious chest hair .​
It's meant that they were no longer little boys .​
And let's all admit it; no woman wants a​ little boy .​
They crave a​ manly man .​
One that looks brawn and pays the​ bills at​ the​ same time .​
Okay,​ well many of​ them do anyway .​
Now,​ the​ whole wax hair remover issue has to​ be difficult for​ some guys to​ get used to​ .​
Maybe they don't want this method of​ chest hair removal at​ all .​
Hey,​ it's not a​ problem .​
Just because it's one of​ the​ more contemporary methods,​ doesn't mean it's the​ only game in​ town .​
As you​ men should already know,​ there is​ always the​ classic blade .​
This can eliminate the​ chest fuzz in​ seconds flat .​
Just be sure to​ watch the​ nipples .​
OUCH! Furthermore,​ the​ most recent craze deals with laser hair removal .​
This is​ a​ professional procedure that must be done in​ a​ clinic or​ spa of​ some sort .​
The up-side to​ it​ is​ that the​ removal is​ permanent,​ whereas wax hair remover and shaving are not .​
Now,​ we​ should be clear on​ something; wax hair remover does have a​ drawback .​
It can lead to​ ingrown hairs .​
EWWW,​ no one wants these! That's why it's important to​ do it​ correctly .​
You may even want to​ test it​ on​ a​ small portion of​ your body to​ see how it​ goes .​
Most modern males tend to​ prefer wax hair remover over shaving simply because it​ last for​ a​ few weeks at​ a​ time .​

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