Walking Meditation

Walking Meditation as​ a​ Modern Way to​ a​ Healthier Life
Meditation has always been associated with solitude,​ tranquility,​ and​ physical inactivity. ​
When one talks of​ meditation,​ you​ may usually come up with a​ scenario in​ which a​ person finds a​ secluded area,​ closes his eyes in​ silence,​ and​ rests his body while working his mind out. ​
Does meditation always have to​ be like this?
Meditation is​ an art. ​
a​ method. ​
a​ skill. ​
a​ process. ​
it​ is​ the​ art of​ keeping in​ touch with yourself,​ of​ discovering your entirety and​ the​ many facets of​ your being. ​
it​ is​ also a​ skill that must be developed. ​
it​ requires discipline and​ right mindset. ​
You cannot simply think that you​ will meditate and​ expect to​ achieve a​ result right after. ​
This requires the​ tuning of​ ones consciousness. ​
Meditation typically involves a​ set of​ procedures and​ guidelines to​ be followed. ​
Typically,​ the​ success of​ the​ activity will depend on​ the​ adherence to​ the​ given principles and​ rules.
One interesting form of​ meditation that deviates from the​ old and​ traditional concept is​ walking meditation. ​
Walking meditation is​ a​ lot different from other forms of​ meditation known to​ many. ​
For one,​ you​ will not have to​ be physically inactive just to​ do it. ​
In fact,​ you​ need to​ move and​ be active you​ need to​ walk! you​ have to​ actively engage your mind and​ your body in​ this activity in​ order to​ experience a​ holistic positive result. ​
This brings another benefit. ​
Since walking is​ a​ daily activity,​ you​ can actually grow by meditation everyday!
You also will not have to​ find a​ secluded place just so you​ can meditate. ​
Anywhere will do. ​
Actually,​ a​ noisy and​ crowded place is​ even encouraged. ​
Here is​ where the​ challenge lies. ​
Concentration is​ important and​ awareness must be focused. ​
You must not allow the​ outer world to​ bind your mind into it​ by the​ things that you​ see,​ hear,​ or​ whatever you​ perceive. ​
You may be aware of​ them,​ but you​ must guard not to​ do anything about them. ​
Do not cling to​ anything.
The guiding principle behind walking meditation is​ achieving a​ balanced awareness,​ equilibrium,​ between your inner self and​ the​ outer world surrounding you. ​
This meditation will invite you​ to​ feel your entire body,​ all the​ workings of​ the​ parts that make you​ up,​ being aware how each of​ your body parts operates. ​
While doing this,​ you​ also have to​ notice your emotion and​ your mood. ​
These are all done while you​ walk. ​
The outside world need not be lost in​ your focus. ​
There will always be stuffs that will catch your attention as​ you​ meditate,​ and​ you​ are not to​ resist. ​
You are not to​ hang on​ to​ these,​ though. ​
You have to​ let them pass by,​ observing them without doing anything at ​ all.
This is​ the​ real sense of​ awareness. ​
The ideal result of​ walking meditation is​ the​ persons consciousness of​ the​ outside world while being completely aware of​ his inner self. ​
When this is​ achieved,​ many of​ the​ puzzles and​ complexities of​ life will become clearer and​ simpler. ​
By bridging the​ gap between what is​ within and​ what is​ out of​ yourself,​ you​ can take full control of​ your life and​ enjoy a​ healthier and​ a​ more satisfied lifestyle.

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