Viral Marketing A Study Of Successful Sites

Viral Marketing - a​ Study Of Successful Sites
Viral marketing is​ a​ concept which allows word of​ mouth advertising to​ spread your message far and wide without ongoing maintenance and promotion from the​ originator.
Hotmail is​ the​ most famous example I​ can think of​ to​ show you​ the​ power of​ viral marketing.
Everyone who used their free email service would advertise the​ service at​ the​ bottom of​ the​ each email they sent out.
The types of​ advertising messages which grow the​ fastest are services which advertise themselves when being used…such as​ the​ Hotmail example.
Another good example is​ a​ service such as​
This is​ an​ online address book .​
When a​ user signs up,​ the​ service scans the​ user’s address book in​ the​ user’s email client and emails all those users an​ invitation to​ join Plaxo .​
This is​ done with the​ member’s permission,​ of​ course.
Other services which use this technique of​ viral marketing are social networking sites such as​
When users sign up for a​ free account,​ the​ first thing they see is​ a​ form to​ invite their friends to​ the​ site.
I've deducted a​ few tips from following high profile and low profile viral marketing campaigns of​ many types.
First of​ all,​ you​ can provide incentives for someone to​ spread your advertising for you,​ such as​ giving them money but just the​ incentive of​ money will not make something truly viral .​
Often some of​ the​ best viral marketing campaigns are purely accidental as​ you'll discover in​ a​ later example.
I don’t know if​ you’ve ever seen the​ example of​ a​ site called the​ Interview With Jesus.
Here’s the​ url:
The story of​ that site,​ I​ think is,​ the​ owner took a​ public domain poem and created a​ website to​ host the​ poem .​
Word got out and the​ thing just exploded with traffic from friends sending to​ friends.
So something that is​ truly viral will spread on​ its own even without an​ incentive attached to​ it.
Another truly viral example is​ the​ story of​ a​ New Jersey teenager who created an​ online video with his webcam .​
In the​ video,​ he lip syncs to​ a​ popular Romanian pop song called Dragostea Din Tei,​ which translates Love Among the​ Linden Trees,​.
He sent the​ video to​ his friends and it​ became so viral that he got some television time and his 15 minutes of​ fame.
To create a​ truly viral campaign such as​ the​ above two examples is​ not easy but there are ways to​ boost your viral marketing efforts from studying those examples.
First,​ it​ must have mass appeal .​
The wider the​ audience,​ the​ better .​
Second,​ it​ must advertise itself .​
Look at​ the​ Plaxo and Hotmail examples.
If you​ study the​ examples I've provided of​ viral marketing,​ you'll find that some require a​ lot of​ programming knowledge and others require nothing but an​ idea that many people enjoy and like to​ pass around.
If you're aiming to​ make money from a​ successful viral marketing campaign then you​ have many options.
1.) Capture email addresses and build a​ target database of​ prospects .​
2.) Place Adsense ads on​ your site and benefit from the​ sheer volume of​ traffic to​ your site .​
3.) Promote affiliate products .​
4.) Sell advertising on​ your site.
5.) Create a​ product of​ your own.
6.) Take donations.
Even if​ your site is​ purely altruistic,​ you​ will need extra money to​ pay for bandwidth charges so the​ above forms of​ monetization will come in​ handy.

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