Viral Marketing Scripts

Viral Marketing Scripts

Viral Marketing Scripts
A viral marketing virus acts similar to​ a​ biological virus .​
But,​ the​ big difference between a​ viral marketing virus and a​ cold or​ flu virus is​ that people willingly pass the​ marketing message on​ .​
The biological virus attaches itself to​ everything it​ comes in​ contact with,​ spreading from person to​ person either by touch,​ or​ air .​

A Viral marketing strategy is​ typically low cost or​ even free to​ implement it .​
Most people are amazed at​ the​ effectiveness of​ viral marketing due to​ its exponential growth .​
One sure form of​ viral marketing is​ referral marketing .​
Referral marketing happens when one person refers or​ tells another person about your product or​ service .​
as​ easy as​ asking your friend who is​ a​ good Doctor,​ and your friend refers you​ to​ a​ physician .​
How does someone refer their friends to​ a​ website?
Introducing - a​ Free Script Called a​ Tell - a​ - Friend Script
A Tell a​ Friend Script is​ an​ easy to​ install script,​ it’s
just a​ cut and past into your web page? Your website visitors than can easily send email message to​ their friends,​ sharing with them great information and tools they have found.
A tell a​ friend script offers basic features that makes it​ easy for your visitors to​ insert their name,​ their email address and their friends',​ email address,​ and name .​
Enabling your website visitors friends to​ send email from your website is​ not considered spam,​ because the​ email came from a​ friend they know and trust .​
An added attraction to​ Tell a​ Friend Script email Spam filters do not consider the​ email from the​ friend to​ be Spam,​ and is​ therefore not filtered.
Where and When to​ Use Tell a​ Friend Scripts
Viral Marketing is​ used by all of​ the​ largest companies on​ the​ Internet .​
If Viral Marketing specifically Tell a​ Friend scripts were not successful they would not be seen on​ the​ majority of​ the​ largest websites .​
you​ ask,​ where do you​ put these scripts .​
Refer a​ friend,​ or​ tell a​ friend scripts must be put on​ every page on​ your website .​
With the​ exception of​ secured
Web pages such as​ download pages,​ and interior pages of​ membership sites .​

You can also put Tell a​ Friend scripts on​ your bloggs,​ and html newsletters,​ or​ ezines .​
you​ can also make you​ text email ads,​ and newsletters Viral by placing a​ text message in​ your emails and articles encouraging the​ readers to​ send this message to​ their friends if​ they like it .​
Hotmail did this for years on​ the​ Bottom of​ their email,​ encouraging people to​ sign up for free email service .​

If you​ enjoy our newsletter do you​ think a​ friend might also benefit from it,​ please send this to​ a​ friend.
Please help us share our message with others by telling a
friend .​
It's easy,​ just click here.
That's why it​ is​ absolutely critical to​ include a​ Tell-A-
Friend form on​ your site .​
If someone likes your site,​ you
want to​ be sure that you've made it​ easy and convenient for them to​ tell their friends.
Functionality and Visibility
Ideally,​ you​ should make your Tell a​ Friend as​
Visible as​ possible,​ and as​ easy to​ use .​
Visibility is​
necessary put your Tell a​ Friend on​ the​ top and bottom
of your pages,​ in​ your navigation of​ your pages,​ on​ your
Confidentiality pages .​
Basic Do's and Don'ts
Do make it​ easy to​ find.
Do make it​ easy to​ use.
Do make it​ convenient.
Don't consider the​ sender an​ enrollee to​ your opt in​ list.
Don't consider the​ receiver an​ enrollee to​ your op tin list.
Don't hide your Tell a​ Friend.
Viral Marketing can bring a​ tremendous amount of​ traffic to​ your website .​
It only takes a​ little effort on​ your part to​ benefit tremendously from a​ Tell – a​ – Friend Script.

Viral Marketing Scripts

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