Viral Marketing Making Your Site Sell Itself

Viral Marketing – Making Your Site Sell Itself
Do you​ remember making snowmen when you​ were a​ kid? Remember how you​ started with a​ little ball of​ snow,​ and kept rolling the​ ball until it​ became a​ large ball? Did you​ ever roll your ball of​ snow down the​ hill and watch as​ it​ got bigger and bigger and bigger!?
Well,​ that's how viral marketing works .​
You start a​ viral marketing campaign,​ give it​ a​ push,​ and it​ goes under its own power,​ getting bigger and bigger .​
Of course,​ all the​ while it​ is​ creating traffic to​ your website and generating sales for you​ .​
Quite an​ attractive setup,​ huh?
Truth be told,​ a​ successful viral marketing campaign requires some time,​ effort,​ and investment to​ get it​ started,​ but if​ you​ do it​ right,​ it's worth it.
A good viral marketing plan could be broken down into three parts:
1- the​ bait
To start with,​ you​ need a​ free gift that you​ can give away .​
It must be extremely valuable,​ because you​ want people to​ share it​ with their friends,​ etc .​
Some examples would be an​ ebook,​ a​ video,​ a​ forum,​ etc.
2- the​ hook
Once you​ have created your bait that you're going to​ distribute to​ people (and they to​ others,​ and they to​ others,​ etc,​ etc),​ you​ need a​ hook .​
You need a​ way to​ bring all of​ these people who are enjoying your free gift back to​ your website to​ buy .​
If you're giving away an​ ebook,​ embed links to​ your website in​ the​ ebook .​
Depending on​ the​ product,​ you'll have to​ use different kinds of​ hooks – be innovative!
3- Marketing
Yes,​ that's right! you​ have to​ market your viral marketing campaign .​
(This is​ the​ push that you​ give your snowball to​ send it​ rolling down the​ hill.) you​ have to​ promote your free gift,​ so that people start using it​ and distributing it.
Viral marketing can be an​ extremely effective marketing method – but it​ will require some time,​ effort,​ and lots of​ ingenuity on​ your part .​
Happy marketing!

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