Viral Marketing At Its Best

Viral Marketing At Its Best

You may have heard of​ this before and for those that haven’t,​ it’s where you​ give away something for free that someone can also give away for free. if​ successful,​ your piece of​ information can spread like a​ virus,​ enticing thousands to​ buy from you.

So what’s the​ secret. you​ need to​ release something valuable that can compare to​ another course selling for at​ least $100,​ for free. it​ really has to​ be exceptional for people to​ pass it​ on​ to​ their friends. Quality not quantity,​ the​ report needs to​ be excellent and if​ it’s long,​ that’s a​ bonus. Ellaborate as​ much as​ you​ can. It’s the​ awesome principle,​ “you have to​ give before you​ get”,​ in​ action.

You can start with a​ free report or​ develop a​ complete course. Keep your competitors in​ mind and write your material for them. if​ they can send one of​ your articles out to​ their database and put their affiliate links alongside it,​ their chances of​ making a​ sale are increased. in​ the​ same token,​ if​ the​ reader likes your article and clicks on​ your link,​ you​ have a​ chance of​ signing them up to​ your mailing list.

Work alongside your competitors and see them as​ partners rather than competitors. They have abetter chance to​ earn money by promoting your products and receiving a​ share rather than their own product all the​ time. Lift up your competitors and customise your material so that it​ adds value to​ what they’re doing. By keeping in​ mind how you​ can promote them,​ your potential partners will be more excited about partnering with you. Make sure their product adds value to​ your customers and vice versa. You’ll make a​ lot more money by working alongside partners in​ the​ same industry than you​ will alone. Think of​ all competitors as​ potential partners,​ find out how to​ add value to​ them,​ work on​ your free material and watch your profits soar!

Viral Marketing At Its Best

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