Vipassana Meditation What Is It And How Can It Help You

This form of​ meditation is​ one of​ India’s most ancient techniques of​ meditating and was discovered by Gautam Buddha more than 2500 years ago. it​ teaches human beings to​ see life just the​ way it​ is​ in​ all its reality without being affected by it. it​ focuses on​ observation of​ the​ self to​ realize true liberation from the​ cycle of​ rebirths also known as​ Moksha.

Learn how to​ practice Vipassana meditation:

There are some basic steps to​ start doing this form of​ meditation.

* Sit in​ a​ quiet place in​ a​ fairly dark room
* you​ will need to​ be undisturbed for at​ least 20 minutes
* Keep your head and spine straight
* you​ may sit on​ the​ floor or​ on​ a​ chair if​ needed
* Close your eyes to​ cut out any external influences
* Start focusing on​ your breathing
* Observe the​ length of​ each breath – whether short long or​ heavy
* Do not judge or​ try and control your breathing
* the​ key to​ Vipassana meditation is​ to​ act as​ a​ neutral spectator to​ your breathing
* Try to​ avoid your thoughts from being distracted
* in​ the​ beginning your thoughts may get distracted. Jus gently shift your focus back to​ the​ breathing
* With practice you​ will be able to​ focus on​ the​ breathing for long periods without distraction
* if​ questions and thoughts do arise,​ do not attend to​ them during the​ meditation
* Only once the​ meditation is​ over focus on​ these thoughts

Benefits of​ Vipassana meditation

This meditation teaches the​ middle path to​ life just as​ Lord Buddha had propagated. it​ helps us realize the​ emptiness of​ the​ human body and that the​ real Self is​ the​ soul. it​ teaches patience and benevolence towards all humans and things. Vipassana meditation is​ rooted in​ Indian scriptures and hence is​ an​ ancient technique of​ meditation which is​ practiced to​ this day.

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