Vintage Christmas Decoration

in​ this​ day and​ age, it​ feels like the focus is​ on​ making everything bigger and​ brighter .​
this​ is​ never more apparent than around the Christmas season​ .​
Walking around the neighborhood, I​ can already see all of​ the different lights going up in​ front of​ all of​ the different houses .​
Although the designs change from house to​ house, it​ is​ obvious that everyone wants to​ be as​ impressive as​ possible .​
Animated Christmas lights, life-sized Santa Claus figures, snowmen that wave at​ passers by, and​ elaborate designs of​ outdoor Christmas lighting are some of​ the many things you​ can see around my neighborhood.
I don't mind these Christmas decorations, but it​ is​ not really my style .​
I'm definitely a​ big fan of​ vintage Christmas decoration​ .​
I​ love the classicism of​ old designs, and​ my home is​ a​ testament to​ this​ fact .​
I​ have iron​ forged chandeliers hanging from the ceilings, hand​ blown glass vases, and​ mission​ style furniture in​ all of​ my rooms .​
I​ believe that good design is​ timeless and​ should not change with fashion​ .​
That is​ why I​ am such a​ huge collector of​ vintage Christmas decoration.
My vintage Christmas ornaments are the pride of​ my collection​ .​
Some of​ them date back to​ before my own childhood .​
My grandmother is​ very fond of​ me, and​ is​ always giving me vintage Christmas decorations from her own collection​ .​
Almost every year I​ get a​ new one .​
Sometimes it​ is​ a​ bauble, other times a​ Christmas candle holder or​ old style lighted Christmas decoration​ .​
As you​ can imagine, over the years I​ have accumulated quite a​ number of​ them.
My very favorite ones, however, are the ones that I​ owned as​ a​ kid .​
I​ have a​ little tin​ toy train​ that I​ used to​ always love to​ put up on​ the tree .​
I​ also have a​ small nutcracker, and​ a​ little globe filled with water and​ a​ fairy castle .​
It is​ enough to​ make me nostalgic just thinking about it.
I don't simply wait for​ my grandmother to​ send me more vintage Christmas decoration​ ornaments .​
Sometimes, I​ like to​ go out and​ expand​ my collection​ .​
There are quite a​ few ways to​ do that .​
you​ can buy vintage Christmas ornaments at​ antique stores, of​ course, but sometimes you​ can find the same ornaments for​ far cheaper at​ thrift stores .​
There are also commercial outlets that sell some quite convincing facsimiles, if​ you​ value the look of​ a​ vintage Christmas decoration​ more than the collectibility .​
To me it​ doesn't matter, just so long as​ it​ has that old time look that I​ have come to​ know and​ love.

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