Villas In Lanzarote Moving From The Uk To Live In One

Villas In Lanzarote Moving From The Uk To Live In One

So you´ve made the big decision​ and​ decided to​ leave the UK behind and​ go and​ live in​ a​ villa in​ Lanzarote. But how do you​ go about it​ and​ what things do you​ need to​ do?

The important thing first of​ all of​ course is​ to​ buy your​ villa in​ Lanzarote and​ sell your​ UK home! Once you´ve done that, you´re ready to​ start your​ preparations for​ the big day. you​ have 2 choices concerning your​ house furniture, either sell it​ and​ buy new in​ Lanzarote, or​ ship it​ over along with your​ personal belongings. The option​ you​ choose will really depend on​ whether you​ want to​ keep your​ furniture or​ not. Personally, in​ most cases I think it´s better to​ sell off your​ furniture in​ the UK and​ buy new in​ Lanzarote. Lanzarote villas are not the same as​ UK houses and​ I´ve seen people shipping over their furniture which just doesn´t look right in​ their new Spanish villa. However, if​ you​ decide to​ ship over, use a​ company like T.C. Freight who will load it​ into a​ container and​ ship it​ to​ Lanzarote.

if​ you​ decide to​ sell your​ furniture, advertise it​ in​ the local paper, let your​ friends know what´s for​ sale, and​ for​ what remains, have a​ “garage sale" along with any other furniture and​ belongings you​ don´t want to​ take with you. It´s amazing what people will buy and​ just how much money you​ can raise from these sales! you​ will get antique dealers coming along looking for​ anything which might be of​ some value, and​ you​ might be surprised to​ find some old tea set in​ the attic is​ worth a​ bit of​ money. at​ the end of​ your​ sale day, someone will usually come along and​ buy what´s left, but if​ not, chuck it​ in​ the skip with all the other junk you´ve collected over the years.

you​ can either take all your​ personal belongings with you​ on​ the plane or​ send them by airfreight in​ advance. The latter option​ is​ by far the best – you​ can get them uplifted from your​ home a​ few days before you​ leave and​ they will be delivered to​ your​ new villa in​ Lanzarote a​ few days after you​ arrive. Packed into boxes, it´ll cost less than you​ think, and​ almost certainly less than you´ll have to​ pay for​ excess luggage.

An important thing you​ need to​ do is​ to​ inform everyone who needs to​ know, of​ your​ new contact details in​ Lanzarote or​ that you​ no longer require their service. These will include banks, building societies, TV licencing, vehicle licencing if​ you​ have a​ car to​ sell, share companies, trusts, pension​ companies etc. etc. Go through all your​ paperwork and​ documents and​ also try to​ think of​ all mail which you​ receive from time to​ time which is​ important to​ you. you​ may be able to​ get mail forwarded to​ you​ in​ Lanzarote or​ perhaps to​ family or​ friends in​ the UK who can send on​ anything important.

if​ you​ have any pets that you​ are going to​ take with you​ to​ Lanzarote, see your​ vet well before your​ moving day. They will be able to​ advise you​ on​ the required documentation​ and​ any injections that may be required. if​ you​ are flying to​ Lanzarote, your​ pet can go with you​ on​ the plane. Use a​ company like to​ do all the work for​ you. Remember though, it​ isn´t cheap!

That´s you​ ready then to​ start your​ new life in​ a​ Lanzarote villa. Good luck!

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