Video Marketing The One They Come Back For

Video Marketing The One They Come Back For

I was sent a​ link recently to​ a​ video that was powerful in​ the​ way it​ presented the​ idea of​ going the​ extra mile for customer in​ ways that were easy,​ but unexpected. I left the​ viewing of​ the​ video inspired and wanting to​ find new ways to​ make my own businesses better.

While I was inspired by the​ video and would willingly send anyone to​ the​ site I also discovered this video to​ be a​ video marketing strategy for a​ series of​ inspiring books and motivational downloads.

The video was the​ marketing tool. it​ was emotive,​ challenging and powerful,​ but it​ was also designed to​ BE the​ selling tool for the​ affiliated products. Testimonial after testimonial located after the​ viewing of​ the​ video indicated this series was an​ excellent resource and empowered employees to​ find job satisfaction in​ serving customers well.

I think the​ reason I was so taken with the​ approach was that it​ was vastly different from most video marketing strategies.

In most cases the​ video presented is​ a​ sales tool telling you​ why the​ available products are just what you​ need. the​ videos will provide the​ testimonials and bits of​ details that leave you​ with partial answers to​ thought provoking questions.

These are key elements in​ video marketing and they are effective,​ but the​ novel approach to​ giving you​ a​ complete and motivational video download was unexpected.

Here’s why I believe this approach works. the​ emotive video does not actively sell a​ product or​ service. Because this is​ true there is​ no pressure,​ just the​ emotional connections associated with the​ viewing. Once the​ video is​ over the​ viewer will think of​ others that would benefit from viewing this feel good motivational video.

The soft sell of​ the​ video is​ literally making it​ possible for an​ incredible number of​ potential buyers to​ visit the​ site and find encouragement.

Even if​ they have no interest in​ buying the​ product they will likely keep the​ link handy to​ share with others over the​ long-term and I’m pretty certain there will be some of​ those that find the​ motivational material a​ strong enough reason to​ make a​ purchase.

What’s more is​ that the​ video is​ essentially timeless. the​ end product could change from time to​ time,​ but the​ video remains the​ cornerstone of​ the​ marketing plan. And because so many will forward a​ link to​ business associates,​ family and friends the​ end result is​ a​ positive experience even after the​ viewer understand there is​ a​ no-obligation set of​ products that can be purchased following the​ viewing.

This is​ a​ great example of​ giving more than you​ have to,​ and by doing so you​ end up with improved traffic and a​ higher conversion rate.

I think part of​ the​ problem with most sales videos is​ that they often breed distrust from the​ beginning. Most people see the​ sales pitch and watch for the​ angle they know is​ coming. This secondary type of​ marketing approach takes them off guard it​ is​ a​ simple straightforward story that turns out to​ be true,​ emotional,​ motivating and inspirational. And that story ties very specifically into the​ product being sold,​ but in​ the​ end the​ video stands on​ its own merit.

Video Marketing The One They Come Back For

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