Video Marketing For Free Traffic

Video Marketing For Free Traffic

Using video marketing to​ drive traffic to​ your web site is​ an​ online marketing strategy many small business owners and internet marketers are beginning to​ embrace,​ with much success. Having a​ traditional website only allows you​ to​ reach those people who first find your website. However,​ combining video,​ social networking and some simple video marketing techniques can drive hordes of​ qualified visitors to​ your website.

First,​ let’s forget the​ silly videos you’ll find all over YouTube of​ kids running into fences and demonstrating the​ newest dance move. While that kind of​ video can bring in​ hundreds of​ thousands of​ views,​ it​ won’t bring the​ targeted traffic you​ need.

Instead,​ consider making a​ video tightly targeted towards your niche. a​ real estate agent might make a​ video introducing herself and showcasing a​ few of​ her available homes for sale. a​ night club might make a​ video “commercial” with soundbites from partygoers. a​ software developer might make a​ video demonstrating his latest application.

Because Google and other search engines are beginning to​ give videos hosted on​ sites like YouTube preferential search engine ranking,​ it’s quite possible your video could end up on​ the​ first page of​ search results for your targeted keyphrase. This is​ incredibly powerful and not to​ be overlooked,​ as​ this is​ what will make your video marketing efforts well worth the​ time you​ invest in​ them.

Consider that YouTube itself may not have a​ huge market of​ people looking for videos on​ “Oakland real estate.” But if​ your video titled “Oakland Real Estate” made the​ first page of​ Google search results (again,​ due to​ the​ preferential search results video is​ receiving in​ the​ search engines) you’d benefit from the​ hundreds of​ people who search for that term in​ Google seeing your video as​ the​ #1 result and ,​in turn,​ watching your clip.

With the​ preferential treatment videos are receiving in​ search results,​ the​ question then becomes,​ “How do I move people from watching my video on​ YouTube to​ actually visiting my website?”

This is​ simple. Bribe them,​ at​ the​ end of​ your marketing video. What follows are some ideas:

* Offer them something for free at​ your site (a consultation,​ a​ report,​ free drink,​ demo version,​ MP3 download,​ etc.)

* Poll them or​ ask them a​ question they need visit your site to​ answer. People love to​ give their opinion. you​ can combine with the​ free offer,​ above,​ by giving them the​ freebie upon completion of​ the​ poll or​ question. This is​ invaluable for market research.

* Leave ‘em hanging. Don’t tell the​ whole story on​ your YouTube hosted video – instead,​ tell them just enough to​ incite curiosity. Then,​ instruct them to​ visit your site for the​ complete story or​ answer.

Each of​ these ideas are intentionally broad can be focused indefinitely and molded to​ fit your target market.

The key here is​ catching your audience while they’re hot; directly after having watched our video and giving them a​ reason to​ continue on​ to​ your website. the​ truth is​ that if​ you​ don’t,​ most will simply click through to​ another video or​ search result. Capitalize on​ their attention and tell them where to​ go and what to​ do next – you’ll be surprised at​ how many will comply!

Even if​ you’re no Spieldberg (I know I’m not) you​ can produce traffic sucking videos with these simple methods.

Video Marketing For Free Traffic

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