Various Ways To Make Money With Domain Names

As more people and companies than ever are investing in​ domain names,​ it​ has become evident that not all of​ these names will realise their full income earning potential. as​ a​ Domain reseller and investor with a​ reasonable sized portfolio ,​I have often been asked the​ best way to​ make money from these investment domains. the​ following are the​ most common ways to​ create an​ income stream or​ maximize resale value.

* Park the​ name with a​ parking service
These places pay a​ percentage of​ the​ advertising revenue derived from ads placed on​ a​ page displayed when someone visits your domain. Also most of​ these parking services also offer a​ sales listing service to​ enable easy resale marketing of​ your domain.

* Make your own park page
Similar to​ the​ above ,​only you​ create your own small Website with ads and get 100% of​ the​ revenue. This however will not be as​ profitable because the​ parking services get a​ much greater traffic flow.

* Develop a​ small,​ but content rich minisite
These small minisites are usually filled with articles and contextual ads from Adsense. Also often called AdsenseSites

* Develop a​ full featured web-site
Selling services or​ products and also have some ads and paid links.This can be either selling your own products or​ as​ an​ affiliate for an​ existing online website.

Factors that increase value

At any of​ the​ above stages of​ development and Value adding,​you can make money by reselling the​ Domain/Site for an​ increased value above the​ purchase price.

* Keywords & brandability of​ the​ name
i.e. is​ Keyword rich and is​ valued higher than

* Amount of​ Visitor Traffic
Simple equation More visitors = More Income = Greater Value

* Return from site
(Income for Ads,​Sales or​ Paid Links) . Higher Income earned ,​Higher value for the​ site

* Current Demand for similiar names
If a​ particular type of​ name is​ hot property ,​all the​ similar names increase in​ value because of​ the​ demand.

* Current Search Engine Ranking
If the​ Name is​ Not listed by the​ major search engines or​ is​ on​ page 346 than value is​ low,​ conversely if​ it​ is​ listed on​ the​ first page of​ the​ listings than value will be higher.

* Number of​ Sites linking to​ your site
Related to​ Traffic and S.E.Ranking ,​ More links = more traffic + higher rankings

* How keen is​ the​ buyer for name
Buyer may want the​ name for a​ specific purpose and will pay a​ premium to​ ensure they get it.

Ways to​ Lose money on​ Domains

* Register a​ trademarked name
like "P*yP*" because of​ the​ Legal hassles. Most High profile companies can afford an​ expensive legal battle ,​can you?

* Pay too much for Domain Name
Just because sold for $Big-bucks ,​ doesn't mean paying $bigBucks for any old name will mean reselling it​ for an​ even higher price.

* Get scammed by Email and other types of​ fraud
Domain investors attract more than their fair share of​ Scammers a​ common one is​ an​ email claiming to​ be someone wishing to​ buy your name ,​all you​ have to​ do is​ use their preferred Appraisal service to​ confirm the​ offered price. it​ is​ just a​ ruse to​ get you​ to​ pay an​ inflated price for this appraisal.

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