Various Methods Used For Hair Dyeing

Various methods used for​ hair dyeing
Hair dyeing is​ an art and has to​ be performed with care. Only using a​ dye is​ not enough,​ using it​ skillfully is​ necessary to​ make then look natural and attractive. Women use herbal dyes or​ chemical dyes. Although chemical dyes arelong lasting compared to​ herbal dyes,​ they are also many a​ timesaccompanied with side effect. Thus herbal dyes are gaining more and more popularity day by day.
In this chapter you​ will get a​ complete picture of​ how to​ use herbal as​ well as​ chemical dyes,​ so that you​ can make your choice
Herbal Natural Dyes
Apply using rubber gloves,​ first to​ the​ ends of​ the​ hair within an inch of​ the​ scalp and then to​ the​ roots where the​ colour develops much more quickly.
Cover with a​ plastic or​ foil and leave for​ 3040 minutes.
Then check the​ colour by testing a​ strand of​ hair.
Do not apply heat as​ this will affect the​ final colour.
Shampoo and rinse out thoroughly.
bChemical Dyes
Types of​ Chemicaland their DyesBest Effect on
Temporary rinsesLight or​ graying hair. Lasts until next wash
Metallic crazy colour spraysWill last visibly until brushed or​ washes off
Semi Permanent rinsesLight to​ medium brown hair,​ giving a​ darker,​ richer glint; lightish grey or​ white hair to​ give darker colour. Will last for​ 46 shampoos.
Permanent tintsLasts permanently; regrowth tint on​ the​ roots necessary at​ 46 weekly intervals.
Highlights/lowlightsThese can look good on​ almost any type of​ hair,​ including brown,​ red and grey. Lasts permanently; roots will need retouching after 34 months.
How to​ use Chemical Dyes
After shampooing,​ directed packet by the​ manufacturer. Never over apply as​ the​ hair will become dull.
Protect your eyes when applying.
Leave on​ for​ 2040 mts depending on​ intensity of​ tone required and rinse out
Never apply on​ eyelashes,​ eyebrows or​ hair elsewhere on​ the​ body.
Preferably do not apply when pregnant.
Patch test for​ allergies.
Section off hair with clips and brush strands. Wrap strands in​ silver foil to​ make neat parcels.
Watch timing carefully and rinse thoroughly.
it​ is​ advisable to​ go to​ a​ professional colorist to​ have highlights put in.
When buying hair care products online,​ make sure to​ buy from a​ reputed source to​ avoid buying sub standard hair care products.

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