Using Sports To Hook Students For Reading And Writing Comprehension

Using Sports To Hook Students For Reading And Writing Comprehension

Could a​ student get interested in​ reading and writing about sports? Stories,​ articles and video clips might be able to​ interest students long enough to​ read and write their own articles. AdventureZONEsports is​ a​ free website sports portal that allows the​ student to​ read,​ write and submit their own stories.

Most of​ us have heard over and over in​ the​ media that our students are lagging in​ reading and writing skills. It’s been said that poor writing skills is​ a​ problem for employers looking to​ hire graduates. Without these critical skills,​ it​ can be an​ unsuccessful future for our students. as​ a​ parent of​ three children,​ I have experienced it​ first hand. Trying to​ find the​ hook,​ to​ keep the​ child interested seems to​ be the​ biggest challenge.

Using the​ web as​ a​ resource is​ something many schools are adding to​ their mix. Integrating the​ internet into home school and the​ classroom may be worth a​ try. the​ internet has a​ huge amount of​ information resources and could help,​ if​ used wisely. a​ parent or​ teacher could post the​ internet address and bookmark it​ for the​ student. Provide a​ clear assignment choice of​ reading independently or​ in​ small groups as​ well as​ perhaps assign a​ writing task.

Students can become excited and proud to​ see their work featured and published! Many websites now offer the​ opportunity to​ publish stories,​ articles and even photos or​ video clips. we​ took the​ time to​ buy numerous sport domain names and created a​ portal web address to​ bring all of​ them into one place for free and easy access. AdventureZONEsports has language translation in​ place for English,​ French,​ Dutch/German,​ Italian,​ Portuguese,​ and Spanish and has stories,​ articles and video clips to​ watch about different sports. the​ website opens up to​ an​ article publishing page and links to​ stories and video clips on​ different sports. Once a​ story or​ article is​ properly written the​ article submit feature allows the​ student to​ become a​ published author. as​ the​ students skills get better and better,​ they can be proud and excited to​ show family and friends their online writing.

The sports collection consists of​ archery,​ ATV,​ basketball,​ cycling,​ dirtbike,​ dodgeball,​ fencing,​ iceboating,​ kayak,​ landsailing,​ motorcross,​ mudracing,​ rafting,​ rodeo,​ rowing,​ sandboarding,​ skateboarding,​ skating,​ skiing,​ snowmobiling,​ snowshoe,​ softball,​ squash,​ and waterski. Some of​ these sports are considered different or​ extreme and people of​ all ages can be interested and learn about sports that they have never tried. For example,​ how much do you know about landsailing,​ iceboating or​ sandboarding? in​ addition,​ there are sports such as​ basketball,​ cycling and winter sports that will allow the​ student a​ weekend assignment to​ participate by choosing one of​ the​ activities and create a​ written report the​ following week. the​ report can be edited,​ and submitted with author name for publication on​ the​ website.

There are currently stories,​ articles and video clips to​ keep the​ students attention. the​ best method of​ writing and submitting an​ article is​ to​ work on​ several drafts of​ the​ story before entering it​ into the​ submit page. to​ prevent spam all articles must be reviewed by a​ human editor first before appearing on​ the​ website. the​ student is​ notified as​ the​ story is​ published and appears on​ the​ website for all to​ view.

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