Using RSS To Make Money Online

Using RSS To Make Money Online

You probably know that RSS stands for "Remote Site Syndication",​ but what does that really mean to​ you​ as​ a​ marketer and more importantly can you​ use RSS to​ make money online?

As you​ keep reading you​ will learn to​ understand the​ benefits of​ using this recent technology in​ your internet marketing efforts to​ increase traffic and profits.

Plainly put,​ RSS feeds are printed in​ XML,​ a​ unique mark up dialect much like html. That means that they have mechanisms included that detect structures in​ a​ file. the​ structures identify the​ content and how that content will be displayed inside that file. RSS is​ what makes big newscast websites feasible: RSS documents are used to​ generate a​ data feed which will send headlines,​ links or​ virtually any other portion of​ information to​ a​ channel viewer application,​ regularly called a​ news reader.

These readers are subscribed to​ certain RSS feeds and constantly check them,​ alerting the​ user when any new information has been added to​ the​ RSS feed.
So,​ how can you​ use this to​ your benefit in​ internet marketing?
Here are the​ most common ways to​ integrate RSS feeds into your marketing plan:
you can use RSS to​ replace any email marketing you​ are presently doing,​ use RSS feeds to​ increase traffic to​ your blog or​ web site or​ build your own RSS feed so your messages and information show up on​ thousands of​ websites,​ blogs and desktops via the​ internet.

While many marketing experts will agree that email marketing isn't over,​ with the​ advent of​ increasing spam complaints and filters coupled with the​ danger of​ viruses originating from an​ email,​ more and more people are wary of​ even opening your email.

With RSS,​ your email won't ever get filtered and have a​ greater chance of​ actually being read vs. a​ normal email and your marketing outcome can only be better when people actually read your messages. you​ can even incorporate autoresponders in​ conjunction with RSS.

With RSS feeds on​ your web site or​ blog allows you​ to​ add dynamic theme related content to​ your web pages making your web site or​ blog very popular with the​ search engines. the​ constantly updated content is​ just what the​ search engines desire and helps increase your search engine ranking with more traffic driven to​ your page.

Possibly the​ best way to​ use RSS to​ help your online marketing goals is​ to​ establish your own RSS feed. This way your information will be available on​ any website that is​ using the​ RSS feed you​ are supplying that information to.
There's even automated software to​ submit your RSS feeds to​ the​ different directories that furnish the​ feeds to​ people using them as​ described above.

RSS is​ still a​ relatively unknown technique of​ increasing traffic to​ websites,​ but is​ becoming more accepted every day. as​ an​ internet marketer,​ this is​ a​ great opportunity to​ benefit by this this new technology before all the​ online gurus start taking advantage of​ RSS.

There is​ a​ lot of​ information on​ the​ internet pertaining to​ RSS and how to​ use it​ as​ a​ tool in​ marketing. the​ basis of​ this writing is​ only the​ tip of​ the​ iceberg to​ get you​ aquanted with Remote Site Syndication,​ and yes you​ can make money with rss!

Using RSS To Make Money Online

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