Using Meditation To Help You To Reduce Stress

Do you​ feel that you​ are constantly under stress? Are you​ looking into ways of​ how you​ can reduce your stress levels? if​ you​ have answered yes to​ both of​ these questions,​ you​ are not alone. the​ world is​ seemingly becoming faster,​ more demanding and more pressurised. in​ this article I write about how meditation can help you​ to​ relax and become a​ happier person.

Stress affects people in​ different ways. I personally feel very tired and lethargic during these periods and start to​ worry about things,​ like a​ future event. This can easily lead me into a​ period of​ depression,​ which in​ the​ past I have found it​ very difficult to​ come out of.

Other people suffer from panic attack attacks,​ become very shaky and nervous,​ feel sick in​ the​ stomach,​ become sad and can begin to​ think in​ a​ very negative way.

Most of​ the​ conditions I have described above are actually a​ mental and not so much of​ a​ physical problem. This is​ why I believe meditation to​ be an​ excellent form of​ stress relief or​ stress management.

Meditation helps us to​ control our emotions,​ to​ think in​ a​ more relaxed and positive way and certainly helps us to​ think more clearly.

Positive effects of​ meditation:

It reduces your heart rate

It relaxes your breathing and can even make it​ slower

It can lower blood pressure

It can increase your self-esteem by making you​ think in​ a​ more positive way

Helps you​ to​ think in​ a​ more logical and clear way

Helps you​ to​ reduce stress

Types of​ meditation:

Walking meditation

Mandala meditation

Yoga meditation

Sitting meditation

Prayer meditation

Visualisation meditation

I personally prefer the​ sitting meditation. I try to​ make time around three of​ four times a​ day when I will sit down to​ meditate. Originally I had a​ lack of​ belief about what I was doing and about if​ it​ would work. I found it​ difficult at​ this stage to​ get myself into the​ zone. With practice and realising that I needed this to​ work for me,​ I managed to​ get enough concentration and focus to​ see the​ full benefits.

A lot of​ the​ people in​ my circle of​ friends think that I am a​ bit mad. They can not believe that I actually just sit there and think. Meditation has had such a​ positive effect on​ my life and continues to​ do so,​ therefore my friends can mock as​ much as​ they like. I actually believe that some of​ them should try it​ themselves but they always laugh at​ the​ suggestion.

This is​ something I now do on​ a​ daily basis and it​ works. Give it​ a​ go with belief and I am sure it​ will benefit you​ to.

Steve Hill

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