Using Fabric In Your Home Decorating Inexpensive Ways To Transform A Room

Using Fabric In Your Home Decorating Inexpensive Ways To Transform A

Using fabric to​ decorate a​ room is​ an​ inexpensive way to​ add color, pattern and​ charm. Use fabric to​ soften a​ room, add romance, and​ give a​ room a​ finished feel. Fabric can be used in​ any room style, and​ on​ any budget! Follow these great guidelines for​ using fabric in​ home decorating without breaking your​ budget!

1. Inexpensive sources for​ fabric for​ decorating a​ room include using flat sheets from discount stores, quilts and​ tablecloths from yard sales (or your​ own linen closet!) or​ the discount table at​ any fabric store.

2. if​ you​ want to​ add pattern to​ a​ room with fabric, here is​ a​ no fail guideline. Use a​ solid, and​ stripe, and​ a​ small-medium scale pattern. Let each of​ the three fabrics share at​ least one color. Finally, distribute the pattern throughout the room following the 60/30/10 rule…Use your​ primary fabric, (usually the solid) in​ 60% of​ the room, the next fabric in​ 30% of​ the room, and​ the last fabric throughout 10% of​ the room.

3. Heavy pinch pleat draperies are long since passé. Use lighter rod pocket curtains to​ soften your​ windows. Twin​ flat sheets can fit most average windows with nothing more than a​ rod pocket sewn in! Make sure the curtains draw completely clear of​ the windows to​ let the most possible amount of​ light into the room. Also, consider hanging the curtain​ rod near the ceiling line instead of​ right above the window…it adds height and​ dimension​ to​ a​ room, making it​ look larger!

4. Simple throw pillows are easy and​ cheap to​ make, and​ can even be changed out with the seasons! Use them to​ add comfort to​ any room in​ your​ home…even the outdoor ones! Add a​ simple throw, and​ any corner of​ your​ room becomes a​ hideaway.

5. Stitch up placemats, tablecloths, and​ runners to​ soften the hard furniture in​ the room. if​ you​ don’t sew, you​ can use iron​ on​ hem tape to​ make your​ creations. It’s inexpensive, and​ can be found in​ the sewing aisle of​ any discount store, or​ at​ your​ local fabric shop.

6. Use existing fabrics such as​ pretty quilts and​ unused sheets to​ create layered table covers. it​ adds instant romance to​ any room! Check out thrift shops and​ yard sales, or​ learn to​ make them on​ your​ own. Do a​ google search and​ find dozens of​ sites ready to​ help you​ learn to​ sew and​ quilt.

7. Use cheap muslin​ to​ add natural and​ romantic statements in​ a​ room. Twist and​ wrap yards of​ muslin​ around a​ curtain​ rod and​ let drape to​ the floor for​ a​ wonderful organic window treatment. you​ can simply tie a​ knot in​ the end to​ finish. if​ your​ budget is​ really pinched, you​ can use muslin​ to​ make your​ window treatments, then just add borders of​ your​ favorite fabric to​ save on​ yardage.

Use creative sources for​ fabric, develop a​ plan, and​ add romance, color and​ style to​ any room using fabric!

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