Using Bamboo Blinds To Decorate Your Home

Using Bamboo Blinds To Decorate Your Home

Bamboo blinds are excellent and​ classy way to​ decorate your​ home. in​ oriental culture bamboo has been always used at​ homes as​ partitions, window blinds to​ allow cool breeze to​ come in. bamboo blinds or​ bamboo shades provides a​ relaxed and​ cool look to​ any room. it​ adds to​ the ethnic ambience and​ charm of​ your​ interiors and​ definitely environment friendly.

The distinctive grass weaves; the natural colors and​ fine bamboo selection​ used in​ the manufacture of​ finest bamboo blinds gives an​ elegant and​ inviting look. in​ tropical countries in​ Asia like India and​ Indonesia, in​ olden times people used roughly cut bamboo woven together which could be rolled up and​ down using thick ropes. this​ was essential to​ keep the scorching sun out and​ the torrential rains during the monsoon​ period.

Bamboo is​ extensive used in​ building houses, fences, bridges, utensils, paper, toys, musical instruments –bamboo flutes, furniture and​ floors. in​ interior decorations, bamboo has been used for​ centuries to​ accent houses and​ gardens. The Chinese believed that bamboo brings long life, and​ in​ India, it​ is​ a​ mark of​ friendship. Japanese used it​ around their places of​ worship to​ ward off evil spirits.

Today this​ traditional art form of​ bamboo blinds have evolved into a​ classy style statement that has its own elegant look as​ well as​ functionality and​ exceptional reliability. Now bamboo and​ bamboo based products are a​ great rage in​ the Western world. Different varieties of​ bamboo blinds, shades and​ floors have found their way into some of​ the blue chip companies and​ sprawling villas worldwide.

Bamboo blinds are catching up as​ the latest trend and​ fashion​ in​ hard window treatments. They add that eco-friendly flavor and​ special touch to​ home décor. this​ versatile natural product can compliment the interior furniture, which incidentally could be made in​ bamboo too. Bamboo blinds in​ their stained or​ varnished to​ embellish their natural look are more preferred than artificially colored bamboo blinds.

Bamboo blinds are relatively easy to​ clean and​ maintain. Just dust them regularly with a​ clean cloth and​ use wood polish or​ just plain​ soap and​ water when necessary. The cost depends on​ the quality, the brand​ and​ the shop from where you​ buy. Typically a​ bamboo blind of​ 27 x 64 inches in​ a​ walnut stain​ or​ other stain​ of​ your​ choice without varnish may cost upwards of​ $60. if​ you​ plan to​ buy some unique or​ unusual stains then it​ may cost more.

The natural appearance of​ bamboo blinds and​ shades are retained with the grain​ and​ color irregularities visibly enhancing the natural look. Depending on​ the shade you​ choose, it​ can change the décor of​ your​ room to​ exotic, rustic or​ even casual in​ appearance! Whatever the style bamboo blinds seems to​ be growing in​ popularity and​ people are slowly opening their eyes to​ this​ all new natural beauty and​ elegance of​ bamboo!

Using Bamboo Blinds To Decorate Your Home

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