Use These 5 Golf Driving Tips To Improve Your Golf Game

Most golf tips rendered today by experts concern driving. These tips are to​ guide players in​ hitting the ball further than they normally do. The first and​ the most important step in​ driving is​ to​ set it​ up like any other swing shot. Driving could make or​ break the hole. The five simple but effective tips for​ driving are as​ follows:

1. Proper set up: Set up the swing properly. Driving should be done, using a​ wood or​ a​ driving iron​ due to​ their length. The length gives you​ two distinct advantages - you​ can increase the distance of​ your​ stance from the ball and​ you​ can spread your​ feet wider to​ get a​ better balance and​ weight transfer. this​ will enable you​ to​ get a​ short and​ wide swing giving you​ control and​ power in​ the right proportions.

2. Understand​ the sequence of​ motion: Sequence of​ setting up, swinging and​ driving with the correct weight transfer is​ a​ major factor. Although a​ little difficult for​ the beginners, they could keep it​ in​ mind and​ keep their drives in​ the sequence, so that they can develop their game on​ these fundamentals.

3. Let the power build then release at​ impact: Power should build with your​ swing. Always release the power along with the impact with the ball. Keep the swing short, the longer the swing, the lesser the control. Most beginning golfers tend to​ think otherwise in​ the attempt to​ hit the ball farthest. Short and​ wide swing will give you​ most powerful and​ controlled shot compare to​ the long and​ narrow one.

4. Swing within​ yourself so you​ maintain​ balance: Never swing too back or​ too forward. Stay within​ your​ self, to​ keep it​ in​ control. Distribute your​ weight evenly from heel to​ toe and​ stay balanced. Maintain​ good posture, a​ straight spine and​ upright chin. this​ will not only help in​ your​ drives but also to​ avoid injuries.

5. Imagine the ball in​ the middle of​ the fairway: Imagine that the ball is​ in​ the middle of​ the fairway. Use a​ correct wrist hinge and​ full body turn to​ get the maximum from your​ swing. this​ will give you​ more consistent driving skills.

in​ addition​ to​ the above, maintaining fitness of​ your​ body is​ a​ major factor to​ gain​ yards on​ the swing. Certain​ exercises are said to​ add almost 30 odd yards to​ the drive, so step on​ it.

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