Use Ezine Marketing To Boost Traffic Or Profits

Use Ezine Marketing To Boost Traffic Or Profits

You’ve probably seen them advertised or​ subscribed to​ a​ few. E-zines seem to​ be sweeping the​ Internet and filling mailboxes. Maybe you’ve thought about creating your own for your site,​ but decided against it​ for any number of​ reasons. Maybe you​ didn’t see how e-zine marketing could help. Maybe you​ decided that maintaining an​ e-zine would be too much work. Maybe you​ didn’t think anyone would pay to​ subscribe,​ and why go through all that work for free? Well,​ here are some responses to​ your excuses.


You’ve probably got repeat users on​ your site; those dedicated few who check up on​ you​ everyday to​ read any new posts no matter what. Obviously an​ e-zine won’t make them come back more frequently. They already visit every day! How much more do you​ want them to​ view your site?

Then you’ve probably got those people who check you​ out once in​ awhile when they think of​ it. Those people might only visit the​ site once a​ month. What if​ they had subscribed to​ your e-zine because they liked your site so much and received it​ in​ their mailbox once a​ week? Wouldn’t that remind them to​ go visit the​ site more?

And what about that one time user who came to​ your site,​ loved it,​ and then suffered from a​ minor head injury and partial amnesia and forgot all about your site. No traffic from this person. But what if​ they had subscribed to​ your e-zine? the​ reminder would be sitting in​ their mailbox,​ which they had stored the​ username and password for in​ case they did succumb to​ partial amnesia,​ and they would once again be able to​ visit your site. And who knows? Maybe visiting your site could trigger all of​ their memories to​ return. You’d be seen as​ the​ hero you​ are,​ all thanks to​ an​ e-zine.

And if​ you​ simply mail out the​ password to​ subscribers and have the​ e-zine posted on​ your site,​ then every time a​ subscriber reads the​ e-zine,​ they add one more hit to​ the​ site.

E-zines are a​ regular reminder to​ Internet users that your site is​ still around and worth checking out.


Oh contraire. E-zine marketing can and does produce revenue. Ignore the​ fact that in​ the​ last section I showed you​ how e-zines increase site traffic and thus revenue. Think for a​ moment about affiliate marketing. What if​ you​ place some of​ your affiliate marketing links within the​ e-zine? By doing that you​ are sending your revenue generators directly to​ mailboxes instead of​ being forced to​ wait for consumers to​ come to​ you!

Also,​ who said that the​ e-zine has to​ be free,​ or​ that you​ can’t have an​ upgraded e-zine available for a​ small fee? the​ upgraded version could have extra articles,​ more frequency or​ other nifty features that people would be dying to​ pay for. if​ people like what you​ have to​ say,​ then they will be willing to​ pay for it.


As with so many things on​ the​ Internet,​ you​ have to​ remember that you’re not alone. There is​ an​ entire market out there of​ people whose job it​ is​ to​ help you​ market online,​ and e-zine marketing is​ no different. There are websites out there that you​ can buy articles from to​ post and sites devoted to​ writers trying to​ find freelance jobs just like writing for your e-zine. Programs can be downloaded to​ help you​ with your formatting,​ and contact lists in​ e-mail programs make mass mailing a​ cinch.

I am not saying that creating an​ e-zine will be as​ easy as​ eating a​ sandwich,​ but it​ can be done without an​ obscene amount of​ work. the​ benefits are absolutely worth the​ cost in​ time or​ money. in​ today’s Internet,​ e-zine marketing is​ a​ tool that cannot be ignored.

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