Upcoming Auto Show Benefit To Consumers And Car Dealers Alike

Upcoming Auto Show Benefit To Consumers And Car Dealers Alike

The 2018 Arizona International Auto Show is​ one of​ the most anticipated auto shows for​ car enthusiasts, but it's also a​ big gold star on​ the calendars of​ car dealers all over Arizona. Held November 22 – 25, over Thanksgiving weekend at​ the Phoenix Convention​ Center on​ North Third Street, thousands are expected to​ turn out to​ get a​ glimpse of​ what's brand​ new for​ 2018.

The show gives folks the opportunity to​ check out all kinds of​ new vehicles – 400 to​ be exact -- pickups , cars, cross-overs, and​ SUVs all under one roof. Scheduled to​ make an​ appearance are several exciting new models like the 2018 Isuzu i-370 Extended Cab pickup, the Hummer H3 Alpha, and​ the Audi R8 in​ addition​ to​ the latest concept cars by various makers.

Dealers from Chevrolet as​ well as​ Ford will be there offering ride and​ drives of​ the Chevy Malibu and​ several Ford models.

Sunday, November 25 is​ "Family Day." Kids under 12 years are free with a​ paid, accompanying adult. When you​ go, be sure to​ visit the South Building of​ the Convention​ Center where reliable favorites like Honda, GM, Isuzu, and​ Kia will be showing off their brand​ new models, as​ well as​ the West Building where you​ can check out Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, and​ Volvo.

Auto shows are important to​ dealers because of​ the enthusiasm they generate for​ new cars. Even people who wouldn't necessarily be ready to​ trade in​ their older models see a​ new model, fall in​ love with it, and​ the decision​ process begins. Even dealers who are not onsite offering drives at​ the auto show will experience an​ influx of​ potential new customers in​ the weeks following. Car shows are designed to​ be exciting. They bring car enthusiasts together in​ a​ social environment and​ allow them to​ reflect on​ all kinds of​ information​ about the cars that searching the internet would take hours to​ do. in​ the weeks after a​ car show, people begin​ to​ really think about the cars they've seen and​ decide they'd like to​ test drive the ones they were most interested in.

The Arizona International Auto show is​ sponsored by Motor Trend Auto Shows (the nation's largest new-model auto show producer) and​ will travel to​ 23 different convention​ centers this​ year, from Albuquerque, New Mexico to​ Secaucus, New Jersey and​ more.

Arizona car dealers aren't the only ones who will benefit from exposure at​ the show. Even if​ you're not in​ the market for​ a​ new car, at​ only $9.00 for​ adult admission, it's an​ affordable outing for​ the whole family on​ a​ weekend when you​ often find yourself trying to​ figure out how to​ entertain​ relatives. Attendees will learn more about automotive trends in​ general, but also about automotive safety features available or​ soon-to-be available.

The show happens in​ Arizona every two years, so don't miss it​ this​ time around. We know football and​ overeating are a​ big part of​ the holiday weekend, but there's always time for​ an​ auto show, right?

Upcoming Auto Show Benefit To Consumers And Car Dealers Alike

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