Unique Home Decor Thinking Outside The Box

Unique Home Decor Thinking Outside The Box

Home accents and​ surroundings today offer much more opportunity for​ self expression. Don’t be afraid to​ try something different. I’d rather decorate my home with items that appeal to​ my own individuality, than adhere to​ someone’s standards of​ what is​ the norm. Artisan crafted products truly create the ability to​ make one’s castle their own. it​ is​ our hope that by providing you​ with suggestions and​ ideas, we are encouraging you​ to​ enhance your​ home in​ a​ style befitting your​ distinctive personality.

The charm of​ artisan crafted items is​ in​ the originality it​ provides. Imagine decorating your​ bathroom in​ tropical decor, accented by a​ hand​ painted shower curtain. The bathroom is​ the one room that is​ often overlooked, but it​ need not be. Add an​ artistic designed mirror that reflects your​ unique persona. “One of​ the most exciting changes you​ can make to​ a​ bathroom is​ the addition​ of​ a​ distinctive toilet seat” says Dawn Fowler, co-owner of​ Unique Decor Online. “Believe it​ or​ not, there are many design possibilities, including our line of​ limited edition​ lithograph seats. Our customers are delighted by the whimsical characters that highlight our toilet seats.”

Decoupage is​ a​ popular craft that turns ordinary items into incredible works of​ art. a​ simple glass bowl becomes a​ cherished heirloom. you​ can turn a​ tray or​ platter into a​ relative’s favorite gift. The possibilities are limitless, and​ the works created are quite stunning.

Lighting is​ another outstanding way to​ set your​ rooms off. Don’t be afraid to​ add color. Versatile and​ vibrant, lamps are stylish accents that can turn a​ whole room around without much effort. Lighting comes in​ many different shapes and​ sizes for​ table, floor, and​ ceiling. There are many options and​ you​ are only limited by your​ imagination. It’s a​ simple change that can make a​ dramatic change.

Don’t forget your​ walls! Everyone has paintings and​ photos adorning their walls. Be different, add a​ piece of​ metal wall art. There are patterns available for​ everyone’s taste, so don’t be shy. Try something new and​ out of​ the ordinary. Like the title says, don’t be afraid to​ step out of​ the box. You’ll be rewarded with a​ home that is​ a​ representation​ of​ your​ unique personality.

Last, but not least, simple accessories provide the finishing touch to​ your​ unique home. The small things sometimes make the most difference.

There are many different types of​ switchplates that can perk up a​ room while keeping within​ theme.

Picture Frames
Picture frames have become very popular over the past several years and​ there are literally thousands of​ designs to​ choose from.

We can’t forget a​ very simple, yet important addition​ to​ every home in​ the world. Everyone needs a​ clock, but it​ doesn’t have to​ be your​ average run of​ the mill clock. Don’t settle for​ dull and​ boring, when you​ can have unique and​ striking in​ appearance. Christine Francis, co-owner of​ Unique Decor Online says “Another popular item that our customer’s often request is​ our line of​ whimsical clocks. We have a​ large variety from which to​ choose and​ each one is​ an​ artistic original design.”

There are many more accents which seem subtle, but really play an​ important role when decorating your​ home. We must not forget the many styles of​ mirrors, outlet covers, fans and​ more. The possibilities really are limitless. it​ is​ our mission​ to​ impart to​ everyone, don’t settle for​ ordinary, when you​ yourself are extraordinary.

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