Understanding Marketing 5 Common Misconceptions

Understanding Marketing: 5 Common Misconceptions
Everybody seems to​ know Marketing .​
The world is​ full of​ Marketing gurus .​
We all talk about with a​ remarkable ease and confidence,​ though most of​ the​ times we are not Marketing professionals and not even close .​
What are the​ most frequent mistakes in​ understanding Marketing practices and theories?
1 .​
Defining Marketing
There is​ clearly a​ general tendency in​ employing the​ notion of​ Marketing within a​ confusing mix of​ Public Relations,​ Advertising,​ or​ Media Planning .​
Regardless of​ the​ degree in​ evolution and growing of​ Marketing,​ many of​ us still cannot understand what Marketing really is​ and only see the​ its extreme manifestations .​
Many believe Marketing is​ a​ useless,​ fancy field,​ eating up budgets and giving little in​ return .​
Others see Marketing as​ an​ artistic field,​ where all you​ need is​ creativity to​ develop a​ memorable ad.
2 .​
Marketing is​ still confused with Communication
This common mistake is,​ again,​ the​ result of​ sufficient understanding of​ Marketing .​
Marketing professionals are often thought to​ be responsible for creating advertisements,​ logos,​ slogans .​
What people usually see is​ the​ mere top of​ the​ iceberg,​ forgetting that there is​ a​ product,​ a​ price and a​ distribution strategy to​ be developed before even thinking of​ advertising.
3 .​
Under- or​ overestimating the​ role of​ the​ marketer
On one hand,​ the​ marketer is​ often seen as​ a​ must-have within a​ company,​ but (s)he has an​ indefinite role and ends up doing a​ little of​ everything (Marketing,​ Advertising,​ Public Relations,​ Customer Care,​ Account Management etc.) on​ the​ other hand we might be faced with the​ other extreme,​ where the​ marketer is​ an​ omniscient,​ all-powerful creature eclipsing everyone else.
4 .​
In spite of​ the​ abundance in​ resources and consulting services aimed at​ researching the​ consumers base,​ segmentation is​ still done intuitively at​ least at​ small-business level .​
Large companies might have whole departments assigned to​ work on​ segmentation research and strategy,​ and still not be fully failure-proof.
5 .​
Marketing for the​ sake of​ it
This is​ an​ attitude I​ have met in​ too many occasions not to​ mention it .​
People (and again,​ small-business owners are the​ usual culprits) do marketing because everyone else does it,​ because they heard they should do it,​ because it​ is​ a​ fashionable thing to​ do.
Surely,​ the​ list above is​ not exhaustive,​ and it​ only points at​ several attitudes leading nowhere on​ the​ Marketing battlefield.
Marketing is​ surely not an​ art,​ thought it​ does employ a​ certain flaire and creativity .​
Marketing is​ not a​ science either,​ but it​ operates with precise instruments .​
Marketing is​ not for everyone and not to​ be performed regardless of​ the​ conjuncture around the​ business.
We should keep in​ mind that Marketing operations have a​ clear objective: increasing the​ profitability of​ a​ business .​
To bring money,​ to​ be more clear .​
Marketing is​ therefore just as​ important as​ everything else in​ the​ company: if​ a​ product has functional faults we would blame the​ production department,​ but when a​ product does not sell for reasons beyond production it​ is​ usually the​ Marketing department to​ take the​ blame.

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