Understanding Laser Hair Removal

Understanding Laser Hair Removal

Understanding Laser Hair Removal
If you​ have heard about laser hair removal,​ then you​ are likely to​ be one of​ the​ many that believe it​ is​ an easy way to​ get rid of​ unwanted hair. Although many people do find great success with the​ treatments,​ others will need several to​ succeed. And,​ there is​ no real way to​ know how you​ will react to​ the​ laser treatment until you​ have it.
Who Should Have It?
The ideal candidate for​ laser hair removal is​ the​ person who has dark colored hair. the​ darker the​ hair the​ more likely it​ is​ that the​ laser can remove it​ permanently. With that goes the​ pigment color of​ the​ skin. Individuals who have a​ dark complexion will not be ideal candidates because the​ hair is​ harder to​ see. Light skin,​ dark hair is​ the​ best situation to​ find yourself in.
You will also need to​ have a​ good budget. Sessions of​ laser hair removal can last upwards of​ several hours and will require several thousand dollars to​ complete. if​ you​ need multiple treatments,​ that too can become even more costly. the​ average is​ four visits per person.
Melanin is​ the​ pigment that gives hair color. you​ will need the​ melanin to​ be able to​ absorb the​ energy from the​ laser and then incorporate the​ heat into the​ follicle. the​ heat will actually kill off the​ follicle,​ making it​ impossible for​ hair to​ regrow. Also,​ those who have a​ dark colored skin tone have more melanin,​ it​ is​ necessary to​ insure that the​ process will still work well. to​ help this,​ a​ cold compress will be used to​ keep the​ affected area cool. the​ laser will not target the​ cold areas which are important for​ it​ to​ work properly.
The skin can be kept cool in​ another way as​ well. This is​ multi pulsing laser technology. Laser energy is​ pulsed or​ interrupted,​ rather than streamed. That means there is​ less heat which helps to​ cool and at​ the​ same time,​ protect the​ skin. Other laser removal devices include Alexandrite,​ a​ long pulse laser; Diode,​ which generally is​ used on​ darker skin; QSwitched NdYAG,​ which delivers two wavelengths that work on​ both deep and nearsurface follicles; and Ruby,​ that as​ the​ name implies,​ consists of​ red laser beams capable of​ targeting melanin.
There are a​ number of​ excellent resources on​ the​ internet that will help you​ to​ discover why or​ why not laser hair removal is​ the​ right solution for​ you.

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