Understanding How Multi Level Marketing Mlm Works

In recent years,​ MLMs have gotten into telecommunications,​ including local and long distance services and cell phones. Others have developed online services or​ website products. Today,​ virtually everything is​ available from an​ MLM. Over 2,​000 companies in​ the​ United States are MLMs and they made over $28 billion in​ sales in​ the​ past year. MLMs employ 13 million people as​ independent sales people.

Unlike traditional companies that sell to​ the​ public,​ MLMs work on​ the​ principal of​ relationship marketing. Each distributor sells to​ his friends,​ family and co-workers. Usually,​ one of​ these individuals is​ interested in​ becoming a​ distributor and will sell to​ his friends and relatives and so on. the​ system works because each distributor has a​ vested interest in​ making it​ work. the​ distributor receives a​ percentage of​ the​ sales of​ the​ people he has recruited. as​ well,​ each distributor is​ also a​ consumer of​ the​ product being sold. Product and brand loyalty is​ fierce. There is​ no need for a​ store. Everything is​ sold direct to​ the​ consumer and the​ actual products are shipped to​ the​ customer from the​ MLM warehouse.

A distributor has only so many friends and relatives. What can be done to​ enhance sales and attract new recruits? One way is​ to​ purchase mailing lists or​ “leads” of​ customers who have shown,​ by responding to​ a​ generic business opportunity ad,​ an​ interest in​ becoming a​ distributor. These lists contain the​ contact information of​ potential recruits: names,​ addresses,​ phone numbers,​ email addresses and other information.

How are leads generated? Companies such as​ http://MLMLeadGenie.Com provide leads obtained from newspaper,​ direct mail and Internet advertisements. They then compile the​ names and contact information according to​ phone numbers,​ e-mail addresses,​ survey data,​ gender specific groups,​ area code,​ and other categories. in​ every case,​ the​ leads represent people who have indicated they have an​ interest in​ working on​ their own as​ a​ distributor for an​ MLM. Prices of​ lead lists vary depending on​ the​ category and number of​ leads ordered. the​ distributor uses the​ lists for his/her own preferred method of​ contacting new prospects. Because the​ people to​ be contacted want to​ be contacted,​ the​ distributor has a​ greater chance of​ getting recruits than with a​ scatter-gun mailing to​ people who may or​ may not be interested in​ the​ product.

In addition to​ buying lists of​ category specific leads,​ distributors can purchase the​ MLM Genealogy Lead List,​ which provides more than 4.1 million leads with names,​ telephone numbers,​ fax numbers and e-mail and mailing addresses. This set of​ lists is​ sold to​ the​ distributor on​ a​ CD. There are also services,​ such as​ http://GoLeads.Com,​ which offer a​ monthly access to​ the​ company’s computer database. http://GoLeads.Com offers leads to​ 13 million businesses and 200 million consumers in​ the​ United States.

The Internet is​ filled with ideas for increasing leads and multiplying sales. There is​ a​ book of​ customized sales letters that can be downloaded and used in​ mailings. as​ well,​ there are networking events,​ blogs,​ websites,​ books,​ newsletters,​ forums and focus groups to​ share information on​ generating leads. There is​ WAHM,​ the​ work at​ home moms network,​ and the​ Parentpreneur Club,​ offering advice to​ mothers and parenting couples respectively. Several journals and online newsletters can be found online,​ including Network Marketing Times Online and the​ Network Marketing Business Journal. Google Adwords can also be a​ source of​ new leads.

While MLMs work on​ the​ principal of​ relationship marketing,​ the​ most successful distributor is​ one who looks beyond relationship boundaries and works hard to​ attract new clients and recruits.

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