Understanding The Different Types Of Yoga

Understanding The Different Types Of Yoga

Yoga is​ becoming a​ more and more popular activity in​ the​ Western world today. the​ number of​ places holding Yoga classes is​ on​ the​ increase and there is​ a​ plethora of​ different types of​ Yoga. With a​ choice of​ Hatha Yoga,​ Ashtanga Yoga,​ Power Yoga,​ Iyengar Yoga,​ Bikram Yoga,​ Vinyasa Yoga and many more it​ can be easy to​ get confused

The article will help you to​ understand the​ difference between the​ most popular types of​ Yoga so you can choose which type is​ right for you.

Hatha Yoga – in​ Sanskrit (an ancient classical language of​ India) “Ha” means “sun” and “tha” means “moon”. This type of​ Yoga is​ relatively slow paced,​ gentle type of​ Yoga and is​ a​ good place to​ start if​ you are completely new to​ Yoga and don’t know any of​ the​ asanas (poses). Like all types of​ Yoga,​ Hatha Yoga aims to​ unite the​ mind,​ body and spirit.

Ashtanga Yoga – this is​ the​ type of​ Yoga that I practice on​ a​ regular basis and means “eight limbs” in​ Sanskrit. It’s a​ fast moving,​ intense style of​ Yoga practice and is​ based on​ a​ progressive set sequence of​ asanas,​ synchronized with the​ breath. Ashtanga Yoga can be quite physically demanding as​ you constantly move from one asana in​ the​ sequence to​ the​ next,​ so you’ll find that it​ will improve your stamina as​ well as​ your flexibility and strength..

Power Yoga – this is​ a​ western interpretation of​ Yoga and is​ based on​ Ashtanga Yoga. a​ Power Yoga class may not necessarily stick to​ the​ exact sequence of​ poses like Ashtanga Yoga does,​ but it​ does involve practicing a​ series of​ poses without stopping and starting.

Iyengar Yoga – This type of​ Yoga is​ based on​ teachings by B.K.S Igengar and concentrates on​ the​ correct alignment and form of​ the​ body. Unlike Ashtanga Yoga,​ there is​ an​ emphasis on​ holding each pose for a​ long period of​ time rather than moving constantly from one pose to​ the​ next. Iyengar Yoga uses props such as​ blocks and straps to​ help align the​ body into the​ different poses.

Vinyasa Yoga – Vinyasa means breath synchronized movement and is​ another fast paced type of​ Yoga,​ with an​ emphasis on​ breathing. a​ practice typically starts with sun salutations and moves on​ to​ more intense stretching. Throughout the​ practice each pose is​ balanced with a​ counter pose.

Bikram Yoga – otherwise known as​ “Hot Yoga”,​ is​ practiced in​ a​ room heated to​ 105 degrees,​ with a​ humidity of​ around 40%. Generally a​ sequence of​ 26 different poses is​ practiced during a​ Bikram Yoga class and the​ hot temperature helps to​ loosen muscles. Due to​ the​ high temperature most people sweat a​ lot during the​ class and this helps to​ cleanse the​ body of​ toxins.

If you’re just starting out or​ have never done any Yoga before,​ I recommend trying a​ few different types of​ yoga to​ find out what you like best.

Remember,​ there’s no rule that says you have to​ stick to​ one type of​ Yoga. I like Ashtanga Yoga best,​ but I also go to​ occasional Iyengar and Hatha Yoga classes for a​ bit of​ variety.

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