Types Of Bullies In The Workplace

Types of​ Bullies in​ the​ Workplace
Most people think of​ bullying as​ occurring between children in​ school .​
While this type of​ bullying is​ the​ most common,​ it​ is​ possible,​ however,​ for bullying to​ occur between adults in​ the​ work place .​
Just like in​ the​ schoolyard,​ there are many different reasons why adults bully each other and many different types of​ bullies.
Sometimes an​ adult bully will act out because they are under stress .​
They may not even intend to​ target others at​ first,​ but because of​ stress in​ the​ work place they begin targeting others to​ take their stress out on​ .​
These types of​ adult bully will usually realize what they are doing and stop after the​ stress subsides although they may continue targeting others .​
Many times,​ an​ adult bully will target a​ person who is​ in​ a​ position of​ authority .​
Sometimes employees will target their boss,​ or​ in​ some cases employees will be bullied by the​ people they are serving,​ this most commonly occurs in​ nursing and in​ schools .​
Patients and students will relentlessly target the​ people trying to​ help them for a​ variety of​ reasons,​ and the​ professionals will have no idea how to​ handle it​ as​ there are strict rules of​ conduct they must follow.
A true adult bully will continually bully others,​ even to​ the​ point of​ having them fired .​
The bully will appear calm and confident and deny any charges made by the​ victim to​ a​ boss or​ human resources officer .​
Many times the​ victim will not have any proof that they are being bullied and will either resign or​ get fired if​ their work performance is​ affected .​
Then the​ adult bully will move on​ to​ another target and continue the​ cycle of​ bullying .​
This is​ the​ most common way adult bullying occurs and is​ why it​ is​ hard to​ stop.
Just as​ with kids,​ sometimes bullies will only act in​ conjunction with others .​
If someone realizes that another employee is​ bulling others,​ they may join the​ bully instead of​ standing up for the​ victim because it​ is​ easier .​
People who bully others will often act together as​ they act as​ support for each other .​
Bullies working together can include pairs or​ even groups .​
Often employees who have formed a​ friendship or​ are involved together will work together to​ intimidate other employees for their gain .​
Often one adult bully will be very subtle and the​ other will be more obvious making the​ bullying more effective .​
Sometimes a​ larger group of​ employees will gang up on​ and single out another employee to​ undermine his work or​ force him to​ quit .​
These groups of​ bullies will usually pick a​ person that is​ different from them or​ that they all dislike .​
They will act together to​ intimidate and target the​ employee for ridicule.
Even though many people don't realize that there is​ such a​ thing as​ an​ adult bully,​ there are many work places that have them .​
Dealing with an​ adult bully can be challenging and co workers that are being bullied may have no choice other than to​ quit.

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