Twelve Tips For Decorating A Christmas Tree

Twelve Tips For Decorating A Christmas Tree

Sometimes decorating a​ christmas tree can seem so complicated that you​ feel like singing "Uh oh christmas tree" rather than "Oh Christmas tree. Whether you​ are decorating a​ natural evergreen or​ an​ rtificial tree here are some tips for​ making the entire experience a​ little less disorganized.

1. I know this​ article is​ supposed to​ be about decorating a​ christmas tree but let's start First with removing the decorations. Think back to​ last year. Did you​ just strip everything off the tree and​ throw it​ in​ a​ box? Are your​ christmas tree lights all gnarled up into a​ snarl? Are the limbs of​ your​ artificial prelit christmas trees actually stuffed inside your​ golf bag? this​ is​ how you​ end up with a​ bad case of​ Uh oh christmas tree. I am sure you​ have heard of​ that old saying "as it​ begins, so it​ ends and​ so it​ begins again." this​ applies to​ decorating a​ christmas tree as​ well. this​ year, you​ are going to​ swear to​ pack up everything in​ an​ organized way so that you​ don't waste time sorting through damaged ornaments and​ piles of​ old tinsel.

2. Whether or​ not your​ tree looks really good might be dependent on​ what kind of​ tree you​ choose. Believe it​ or​ not there are some species of​ trees that are easier to​ decorate than others. Pine is​ the type of​ evergreen tree that is​ voted most likely to​ lose its needles and​ turn into a​ version​ of​ the pathetic Charlie Brown Christmas tree. The best types of​ trees when it​ comes to​ holding ornaments are firs and​ spruces. this​ is​ because their branches are the sturdiest. of​ course if​ you​ are decorating an​ artificial prelit tree than this​ tip is​ really not much use to​ you.

3. if​ you​ are decorating a​ christmas tree that is​ real make sure it​ is​ fresh. you​ can tell if​ a​ tree is​ fresh or​ not by bending the branches. if​ the branches bend a​ bit that means it​ is​ full of​ moisture and​ more likely to​ support a​ christmas decoration. if​ it​ snaps, don't buy it. it​ is​ too dry to​ support decorations and​ likely to​ spill its needles all over your​ floor too.

4. if​ you​ are buying a​ natural tree, remember to​ put the Christmas mat below it​ before you​ put it​ on​ the stand. Some christmas tree skirts and​ mats come with a​ slit in​ the center and​ buttons or​ Velcro fastens others. Make sure you​ note what kind you​ have before you​ mount the tree on​ the stand​ as​ you​ can't slip a​ christmas tree skirt over the tree's head like a​ person​ would a​ sweater.

5. When decorating a​ christmas tree make sure that you​ unsnarl the lights before you​ try to​ drape them around the tree. it​ is​ also safest to​ make sure all the bulbs are working before you​ try to​ do this​ too. There is​ a​ tiny chance that if​ you​ try to​ change burned out christmas bulbs while they are on​ the tree that a​ spark could ignite the tree and​ turn it​ into a​ christmas candle.

6. you​ may have heard that decorating a​ christmas tree with electric lightbulbs is​ much safer than decorating them the old fashioned way with candles. this​ is​ true as​ long as​ you​ obey one cardinal rule: don't rest a​ bulb directly against the branches of​ the tree. Like the old fashioned candles, hot christmas bulbs can heat up needles and​ catch fire. this​ is​ especially true if​ you​ shopped for​ a​ christmas tree at​ the last minute and​ ended up with a​ dry tree. The absolutely safest trees to​ buy are prelit artificial christmas trees as​ some of​ Them have automatic shut-down features if​ they get too hot.

7. if​ you​ have lots of​ pets and​ children running around during the holiday season​ an​ artificial prelit tree might be safer than a​ natural one with bulbs strung around it. There is​ less risk of​ tiny fingers pulling bulbs down or​ getting electrocuted. There is​ also less danger of​ pets and​ children swallowing the needles that are shed from natural trees.

8. Decorating christmas trees is​ ultimately all about proportion. When hanging fecorations put the largest sized decorations at​ the bottom and​ the smallest one at​ the top. The effect is​ just more pleasing to​ the eye.

9. When decorating a​ christmas tree it​ is​ best not to​ throw clumps of​ tinsel at​ the tree as​ if​ they were handfuls of​ spaghetti. The most attractive effect is​ achieved by hanging clumps of​ tinsel just at​ the very edges of​ each branch. Think a​ bit about how real icicles look when they are hanging from real trees.

10. Do choose a​ theme for​ your​ tree. Choosing a​ theme and​ sticking with it​ gives you​ the most fashionable looking tree. you​ can choose a​ color theme - sticking to​ gold, silver and​ red or​ pink and​ gold only (which looks great on​ a​ white prelit artificial tree) or​ you​ can style the tree after traditions such as​ the German style tree (decorated mostly with food), the Victorian style tree (decorated with tiny detailed ornaments and​ lots of​ angels) or​ the Country style tree (decorated with glass balls, wooden ornaments and​ plenty of​ flocking to​ simulate snow.)

11. When decorating a​ christmas tree remember to​ make it​ uniquely yours by adding heirlooms that have been passed down from generation​ to​ generation. Another nice touch is​ Christmas cards or​ cookies and​ candies that you​ have made in​ your​ own kitchen. this​ gives your​ xmas tree a​ unique personal touch.

12. Whether you​ are decorating a​ natural or​ prelit artificial tree remember that less is​ always more. Otherwise the tree could look very cluttered is​ is not just the general rule of​ thumb of​ christmas tree decorating. it​ is​ a​ golden rule that applies to​ all interior decorating.

Twelve Tips For Decorating A Christmas Tree

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