Try Writing Anniversary Poems

Try Writing Anniversary Poems
Are you about to​ celebrate a​ special anniversary with that special someone? If so,​ don't forget that a​ proper gift is​ required to​ make any anniversary celebration just right .​
Don't worry,​ though,​ because the​ perfect anniversary gift might be much easier than you think to​ come up with .​
Try writing some great anniversary poems for the​ one you love.
As an​ author and a​ professor of​ creative writing,​ it​ of​ course comes naturally to​ think about ways to​ incorporate writing into any gift situation .​
I​ love thinking of​ new ways to​ use words to​ express feelings or​ thoughts to​ people I​ love .​
One year I​ wrote each of​ my five children a​ unique children's story for their birthdays,​ and my wife is​ never surprised by some special writing pieces on​ her birthday or​ other occasions .​
I​ believe that writing is​ powerful,​ and that's why I​ think all people would benefit by writing great anniversary poems for the​ ones they love this year.
The idea of​ writing anything let alone poetry seems like too much for many people,​ but perhaps that is​ simply because they were never trained to​ write well .​
Take my advice: I​ have been watching non-writers turn into great writers each semester for nearly thirty years .​
Students frequently enter my poetry classes with a​ deep belief that they are not poets .​
Three months later they leave with an​ impressive portfolio and are convinced that anything is​ possible .​
Learning to​ write anniversary poems can be much the​ same process.
If writing great anniversary poems for the​ one you love sounds like a​ great idea,​ then start today .​
Begin by getting in​ touch with someone who can help you write great poetry .​
Hire a​ writing consultant to​ help you for an​ hour or​ two or​ attend a​ writing seminar .​
If going to​ class isn't your style,​ then head to​ your local library and check out some books on​ writing anniversary poems .​
You might be surprised at​ how much there is​ to​ learn.
Giving anniversary poems is​ one of​ the​ most unique and romantic ways to​ celebrate with the​ one you love .​
So make a​ commitment today to​ begin learning to​ write special anniversary poems and you'll be able to​ surprise and bless your special someone when your next anniversary rolls around .​
And don't worry too much about being perfect,​ just write your thoughts and feelings in​ poetry form and you'll have anniversary poems in​ no time.

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