Try Core Power Yoga

Try Core Power Yoga

Core power yoga is​ an​ energetic yoga exercise that physically and mentally challenges to​ help connect to​ inner power without stopping and accompanied by a​ heated,​ climate controlled Vinyasa. it​ heals,​ detoxifies and stimulates the​ body and mind through balance and intention.

Power yoga has created a​ dynamic,​ challenging program that combines strength,​ sweat and spirituality. it​ recognizes power in​ different levels; first is​ the​ physical power which develops the​ body’s strength and improve health; second is​ the​ mental power or​ the​ will to​ concentrate on​ the​ practice; and last the​ spiritual power which is​ the​ power behind the​ physical and mental power.

Core power yoga is​ the​ Western version of​ the​ Indian Ashtanga Yoga. the​ term was was given by Beryl Bender Birch,​ an​ Ashtanga Yoga teacher. it​ has been brought to​ the​ west by followers of​ Sri K. Pattabhi Jois,​ a​ renowned Sanskrit scholar who inspired Western Yogis with his Ashtanga Yoga Style and philosophies.

There are three programs in​ power yoga. “Core Power” is​ designed to​ strengthen abdominals and back and includes both abs-focused Vinyasa power yoga poses and variations of​ muscle-toning moves. “Unlocking Athletic Power” will develop flexible strength with an​ emphasis on​ abs,​ back,​ hips and pelvis. “Soul of​ Strength” on​ the​ other hand is​ a​ fast-moving power yoga program with a​ distinct “mid-body” emphasis and some very challenging moves.

Yoga sessions are done in​ a​ heated room and composed of​ different cardiovascular exercises intended to​ develop strength and flexibility,​ increase stamina,​ improves the​ ability to​ focus,​ release tensions and remove toxins through sweating.

Core power yoga practice also requires the​ execution of​ yoga poses. Poses are done in​ a​ fast pace,​ some poses are even held longer than the​ required five breaths. This practice can increase physical endurance and ability to​ focus on​ any task for a​ long time without breaking the​ concentration.

Try Core Power Yoga

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