Tried And Tested Business Marketing Strategies For Start Up Businesses

Tried And Tested Business Marketing Strategies For Start Up Businesses

Start-up businesses suffer the​ dilemma of​ getting the​ word out to​ the​ community and to​ the​ world that they have a​ business that could suffice the​ need of​ consumers and business to​ business needs. a​ third party advertising or​ marketing business service would be the​ easiest way to​ cover that headache but be wary since this is​ not cheap and some may cost you​ an​ arm and a​ leg just to​ get a​ simple marketing roll out.

A business marketing budget should be allotted during the​ conceptualization of​ the​ business plan. One must realize that the​ growth of​ the​ business is​ relative to​ the​ business' marketing activities. Today there are many ways to​ advertise and do business marketing at​ less its cost that can give a​ relative impact to​ your business.

Joining Clubs or​ Attending Functions

Joining the​ local boys club or​ having friends bring you​ to​ activities that would expand your network of​ friends can give that business a​ boost. Just be sure to​ bring a​ business card that contains all your contact numbers and a​ short description of​ what business you​ are into.

Flyers,​ Posters and Inserts

As one of​ the​ pioneering practices in​ marketing,​ print ads are still the​ priority in​ business marketing activities. Since it​ is​ easy and cheap to​ execute,​ many big and small business still bank on​ the​ information it​ disseminates to​ the​ hundreds of​ readers it​ affects. Flyers can be handed down on​ high foot traffic areas such as​ mall entrances,​ bus terminals,​ ferry terminals,​ universities,​ etc. Posters can be posted also at​ high traffic areas or​ areas that would make people stop and wait for something,​ like bus stops,​ restaurants,​ bars and pubs,​ doctor's clinics,​ etc. Just make sure that you​ ask permission from the​ owner of​ the​ building or​ the​ premises where you​ would be handing out flyers.

This activity can be done even on​ the​ pre opening stages of​ your business. Compose your words well and give out a​ print ad campaign that builds the​ anticipation of​ the​ consumers,​ this can be a​ big buzz around town making your opening day "a must come and see" event of​ the​ city.

Mobile Advertising

Since the​ cost of​ static and electronic billboards are expensive and may not be close to​ the​ budget of​ a​ local start-up company,​ it​ would be wise to​ think of​ other ways that could imply the​ same impact. the​ dawn of​ the​ digital printing technology has made billboards and banners more cost efficient and easy to​ create. Going into mobile advertising locally can be cheap and easy to​ roll out to. it​ would be wise to​ ask your friends and colleagues and even local transportation companies if​ it​ would be okay for them if​ a​ banner or​ a​ poster be attached on​ their cars or​ trucks to​ promote your business. it​ would be wise to​ use a​ vinyl sticker poster to​ protect the​ paint of​ the​ car when it's time to​ take the​ posters off. This may be a​ little bit expensive than that of​ handing out flyers but the​ impact for this activity can be rewarding since readers and viewers can be caught in​ a​ time when they are not expecting any advertising specially when they are stuck in​ traffic or​ awaiting their turn to​ cross the​ street.

Tried And Tested Business Marketing Strategies For Start Up Businesses

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