Tresses In Distress Tips To Repair Damaged Hair

Tresses In Distress Tips To Repair Damaged Hair

Tresses in​ Distress? Tips to​ Repair Damaged Hair
As with your body and your skin,​ having beautiful hair takes work. Hair needs good nutrition,​ minimal stress and of​ course,​ great grooming habits.
Repeated bleaching,​ dyeing,​ perming and straightening causes hair to​ become dull and lose its luster. Here are some tips to​ prevent damage and keep your hair looking beautiful yearround
* Moisturize. if​ you​ have long hair,​ leavein conditioner can help keep your tresses full of​ life. Cold weather in​ particular can disrupt the​ moisture balance of​ the​ scalp,​ so make sure to​ use conditioner in​ the​ winter months.
* Give your hair the​ spa treatment. When it​ comes to​ restorative,​ indulgent beauty masques,​ why should your skin have all the​ fun? Give your locks a​ luxurious therapeutic spa treatment with a​ hair masque that is​ perfect for​ tresses in​ distress as​ well as​ healthy hair that just needs an occasional pickmeup.
For example,​ Natures Gate offers new deepconditioning hair masques made with nourishing proteins and organic botanicals. the​ masques come in​ chamomile for​ colortreated hair; jojoba to​ revitalize damaged hair; aloe vera to​ moisturize normal to​ dry hair; and herbal,​ a​ hydrating masque for​ all hair types. for​ the​ best results,​ leave the​ hair masque on​ for​ two to​ five minutes after shampooing.
* Steer clear of​ heat. Use styling products such as​ curling irons and hot rollers sparingly. if​ you​ use a​ hair dryer,​ set it​ to​ the​ coolest setting possible and do not concentrate the​ heat on​ one area of​ the​ scalp for​ a​ long period of​ time.
* Protect your hair from the​ sun. Just like your skin,​ your hair can become sundamaged. Wear a​ hat or​ apply a​ conditioner that contains sunscreen to​ block out damaging ultraviolet rays.

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