Transitioning To Homeschooling

Transitioning To Homeschooling

If you have made the​ decision to​ homeschool and part of​ that decision will involve transitioning your child(ren) out of​ the​ public school system,​ there are some aspects worth considering.

Once your kids begin their educational life outside of​ the​ public school,​ there will be a​ transition time for them; as​ there would be a​ transition time for anyone undergoing change in​ their life and their routines. if​ this is​ about to​ become your homeschooling scenario you should understand that the​ time after the​ public school,​ yet before you begin homeschooling is​ a​ good time to​ help your child through this period and prepare for their upcoming new educational experience. It's important to​ use this time to​ help your child understand that learning and their education can take place with their home and their family unit.

Even once your homeschooling year begins it's important to​ understand that your child will probably still need some time to​ adjust to​ the​ new routine and the​ new freedoms of​ education at​ home. Early on,​ let your child dip their toe into the​ water of​ homeschooling before jumping in. Remember,​ aside from the​ teachings,​ the​ lessons,​ and the​ learning,​ this will indeed be quite a​ different environment for your child as​ opposed the​ the bells,​ the​ crowded halls,​ and all the​ noise and distractions they have become accustom to​ in​ their previous learning environment. So,​ some decompression time may well be in​ order for them.

During this time,​ don't worry about setting expectations too high,​ or​ feel as​ though if​ you don't get started 'doing' something you will soon fall behind schedule. Remember,​ flexibility and scheduling is​ one of​ the​ great benefits to​ homeschooling. Relax. Besides,​ I truly believe you'll soon find that once you do get into the​ rhythm of​ your schedule,​ you'll find that with the​ individual attention that your child receives with each subject,​ they'll soon not only make up for any early lost time,​ but they'll probably surpass what you even had scheduled initially!

Use the​ transition or​ decompression time to​ talk with your child about what it​ is​ that they are really interested in​ and what they like to​ learn about and dream about. Talk to​ them about setting little and longer term goals and how by reaching each little goal one at​ a​ time they are on​ their way to​ realizing their dream. Let them know that they will be able to​ learn and study subject matter that they are interested in​ much greater detail than they have ever been able to​ before. Get their mind jump started on​ all the​ great projects and subject that you will cover with them in​ your new homeschooling environment. if​ you do this,​ you'll find that your kids will make it​ through the​ transition from traditional education to​ homeschool education excited and energized about these wonderful possibilities to​ learning.

Transitioning To Homeschooling

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