Total Gym Workouts

Total Gym Workouts

Total gym workouts are the​ key to​ developing and sustaining a​ healthy and strong body. There is​ a​ trend for bodybuilders just to​ concentrate on​ one limited area,​ and miss out on​ the​ holistic benefits of​ full body training. Here,​ we​ show you the​ benefits of​ a​ total gym workout.

Phase 1
When you start a​ total gym workout,​ you should start by doing cardio work. Warming up is​ essential for any athletic endeavor,​ and with bodybuilding,​ you want to​ get the​ limbs loose and the​ blood pumping. Warming up will also help burn off excess fat. Running is​ a​ very common way of​ warming up,​ but for something really strenuous try the​ boxer's training of​ skipping.

Phase 2
People often start total gym workouts by working the​ arms or​ legs,​ but this really makes little sense. it​ makes a​ lot more sense to​ end your workout with your limbs,​ as​ tiring them early will mean that your arms will only be able to​ handle reduced weights during the​ rest of​ your workout,​ and your legs will not be able to​ carry you as​ vigorously around the​ gym. Working the​ chest and back first is​ a​ much better progression. Try to​ use dumbbell bench presses to​ enhance your chest,​ and if​ you have a​ pec deck,​ use that. it​ is​ not so easy to​ work your back,​ but you can do lat pull downs and deadlifts if​ you have access to​ the​ right equipment,​ and these should produce very satisfactory results.

Phase 3
The arms can come next,​ and this is​ a​ favorite area of​ so many bodybuilders. You can look forward to​ this part of​ your total gym workout,​ as​ your arms can produce the​ most visible results from your hard work. Too many people don't consider that there are 3 sets of​ muscles in​ the​ arm,​ so you need to​ exercise them all in​ turn. You can try some dumbbell curls which benefit the​ biceps,​ some triceps pulldowns which will build the​ triceps (hard work!),​ and then forearms curls and reverse forearm curls to​ enhance your forearm muscles. if​ you work this hard,​ you will see for yourself why this is​ not a​ good place to​ start!

Phase 4
Time now for some leg work. Even with total gym workouts,​ many people overlook the​ legs,​ unless they are competitive bodybuilders. as​ the​ legs do a​ lot of​ work carrying the​ rest of​ your body,​ they respond well to​ exercise. Start out by doing squats to​ build your thighs,​ and if​ you try single footed heel raises for your calves you should find them highly effective. the​ hamstrings are the​ final part,​ and although they will be exercised by default during your running and warming up,​ you can also do some basic leg curls which will increase the​ effect.

This will show you that total workouts can be simple enough,​ and not take that much time,​ and also that working the​ whole body is​ far more effective.

Total Gym Workouts

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