Top Pool Heater Maintenance Tips

There is​ nothing like a​ round of​ swimming in​ a​ warm-water pool in​ chilly winters. a​ warm water swim/ bath is​ a​ perfect exercise for​ your​ whole body and​ mind. in​ fact it​ is​ extensively used for​ therapeutic purposes all round the world. So installing a​ pool heater is​ a​ must for​ you​ if​ you​ are living in​ an​ extremely cold place. and​ a​ warm water bath in​ the pool would also give you​ an​ exotic spa effect in​ your​ swimming pool.

But installing a​ pool heater is​ not all. you​ have to​ maintain​ your​ pool heater as​ well to​ extend your​ swimming season. Proper maintenance can take forth the swimming season​ by weeks or​ even months. Though, the upholding of​ your​ pool heater depends entirely upon​ the type of​ heater you​ have.

Gas heaters are the most common​ type of​ pool heaters being used presently. The gas heaters work on​ natural gas or​ propane tanks. The gas heaters are favorite hide out of​ spiders and​ other insects. it​ is​ recommended to​ regularly clean the spider webs and​ the debris off the heater. for​ it​ can clog off the burner openings. you​ can clean them manually or​ with the help of​ a​ vacuum cleaner as​ well.

The most important thing about maintaining the gas pool heaters is​ to​ check the gas supply regularly. Check out the pipes to​ detect any leakages. you​ can easily detect the leakages using a​ soap solution. Prepare a​ liquid dish soap and​ warm water in​ the spray bottle. Now spray the solution​ on​ the pipe joints. if​ you​ find any bubbles emerging from the surface, you​ immediately need to​ repair the pipes. Never use the heater until the pipes are replaced or​ repaired by a​ qualified plumber.

Electrical pool heaters are also getting popular these days. The heaters produce the heat with the help of​ heating elements. The element can get coated with certain​ minerals present in​ the atmosphere. this​ hampers the heating process. you​ can easily take it​ out and​ clean with a​ wire brush. Some elements get damaged beyond repair. you​ have to​ replace the element. Take along the old element with you​ while looking around for​ a​ new one in​ the market.

It is​ absolutely vital to​ change the element otherwise it​ can send some current in​ the swimming pool. First of​ all, turn off the power supply to​ the heater to​ avoid any injuries. Open up the drain​ pipe and​ take out water from it. Fix the new element and​ test the heater by filling water in​ your​ swimming pool so that the heater can work to​ its full efficiency.

you​ can enhance the performance of​ the swimming pool heaters by having a​ time setting system. this​ can be greatly helpful in​ maintaining the efficiency of​ your​ heater as​ the water will only be heated as​ much as​ you​ want. Go for​ annual checks and​ get the heaters repaired immediately if​ you​ find any problems.
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