Top 7 Ways To Make Sure Google Adwords Is Making You Money

Top 7 Ways To Make Sure Google Adwords Is Making You Money

Most people don’t realize that the​ more money you​ spend for Google Adwords traffic in​ comparison to​ the​ Google AdWords ads in​ the​ positions below and above your ad,​ the​ less amount of​ traffic that will come to​ you.

If you’re looking at​ it​ by percentages,​ ask yourself: if​ your sales could go up 20%,​ would that be good if​ (all things being equal) your cost per click expense goes up by 30%? if​ this has in​ fact happened to​ you,​ congratulations! you​ have fallen into the​ Google Adwords CPC spiral. you​ have allowed the​ Google AdWords algorithms which determines the​ cost per click to​ add to​ the​ Google bottom line at​ your expense. if​ none of​ this makes sense,​ it​ should at​ least be clear that Google is​ making a​ fortune and they are only going to​ make more and more in​ the​ future.

This is​ the​ hardest thing for some Internet Marketers to​ understand. Google does not want a​ scenario where your sales drop 20 percent and the​ cost per click drops 20 percent as​ well,​ even though,​ if​ this happens to​ you,​ you​ will have effectively brought down your expenses and surprisingly,​ your profits will double or​ maybe even triple.

Never forget and always remember that you​ decide what you​ pay Google as​ well as​ the​ quality of​ traffic that comes from your Google AdWords campaign. Follow the​ following seven solid pieces of​ advice and watch what happens to​ your campaign.

1. Stay out of​ the​ top three positions where the​ lowest quality impulse clicks are most abundantly found

2. Get better traffic by improving your CTR by improving your ad.

3. Being in​ position 4-8 can be more lucrative by bringing in​ the​ more educated and serious buyers and keeping that cost per click down.

4. Don’t be afraid of​ running the​ ad on​ the​ second page for higher qualified traffic. Remember,​ the​ game is​ to​ hit the​ perfect balance between price and position.

5. the​ higher the​ CTR you​ have,​ the​ more traffic you’re getting and Google Adwords rewards you​ for a​ high CTR by giving you​ a​ better position

6. By continually challenging your own ads with simple split test methodology,​ you​ can improve the​ CTR over time. Let two ads run and keep slightly changing the​ one with a​ lower CTR in​ an​ attempt to​ beat the​ leader. This is​ not rocket science. This can also work with keeping two and trying to​ beat them with a​ third ad.

7. Scan your campaign and pull out the​ lowest converting keywords to​ improve your overall CTR. Don’t throw them away,​ just separate them into their own Google Adwords Ad Groups.

Keep the​ following line in​ your head till it​ makes sense without thinking about it...

SALES CAN GO DOWN and still profits can climb higher!

Top 7 Ways To Make Sure Google Adwords Is Making You Money

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