Top 5 Tips For Successful Article Writing

You may have heard by now that writing articles and submitting them to​ different locations is​ a​ great way to​ increase the​ traffic to​ your web sites and in​ the​ end increase your income. But if​ the​ articles you write aren't getting people's attention and they are not clicking on​ your links in​ the​ resource box,​ then you need to​ do something about it! Here are the​ top 5 tips that will help you write the​ most successful articles.

Tip #1: the​ most important thing you need to​ do when writing articles is​ to​ capture your reader's attention. How else are they going to​ read to​ the​ bottom of​ your article to​ click on​ your link? How can you get people's attention? it​ has been proven that people related better to​ stories or​ people they know. Adding a​ quote from a​ well known person near the​ beginning of​ your article to​ make people associate your knowledge with the​ well known person's knowledge. or​ alternatively you could retell a​ story that you once heard,​ it​ can be something that happened to​ you or​ a​ fable that you can make connections to​ your topic with.

Tip #2: of​ course what is​ a​ great article without a​ catchy title?! the​ reason I still put that you need an​ article that will capture and keep people's attention is​ that this will decide how many people enjoy your article. You want to​ keep a​ high level of​ quality for all your articles,​ since that will bring in​ the​ most people to​ visit your web sites. But of​ course you will need a​ title to​ get people to​ take a​ look at​ your article. You will want to​ come up with a​ title that describes what your article topic is,​ but with something of​ a​ mystery to​ get people to​ click. People respond well to​ lists and "top 10's" but they also like questions or​ implications of​ success.

Tip #3: Pick a​ very hot topic. if​ you're writing about nursing or​ babies,​ try to​ write an​ article about the​ latest fad in​ diapers or​ something that is​ related to​ the​ current world. Write articles that are seasonal or​ festive. Webmasters and ezine owners are always looking for an​ article that relates well to​ the​ current time of​ the​ year. When it's Christmas time,​ relate your topic to​ Christmas and do the​ same for other holidays and seasons. if​ you're not sure what else you could use,​ read the​ news,​ some weblogs or​ talk to​ your friends to​ find out the​ most current events.

Tip #4: Check your grammar and spelling. This might seem obvious,​ but articles that have bad grammar or​ spelling are not going to​ help you much. These articles might even be rejected by certain article submission sites! So take the​ extra few seconds it​ takes to​ press the​ "Spellcheck button". You'll see it​ makes a​ big difference.

Tip #5: Write from the​ heart or​ from personal experience. This is​ one tip that helps you write articles more easily which is​ then reflected in​ your articles. if​ you're interested in​ the​ topic you're writing about,​ you're bound to​ write better articles. Maybe you found out that a​ certain keyword is​ very saught after,​ but you're just not feeling motivated to​ write about it. Take a​ break and write about something that really thrills you,​ and think of​ the​ other topic at​ the​ same time. if​ you keep practicing this technique,​ soon you'll think positive things about more topics and will be able to​ write about a​ wide range of​ topics without losing out on​ the​ personal touch you can add to​ each of​ your articles.

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