Top 3 Most Popular Hair Removal Methods

Top 3 Most Popular Hair Removal Methods

Hair removal nowadays is​ becoming popular. It’s quickly becoming a​ must do in​ the​ fashion world. Today there are lots of​ hair removal methods that exist and lots of​ new methods being developed. in​ this article we​ will discuss the​ top 3 most popular hair removal methods. in​ this way you​ can decide which method is​ best for​ you​ that fits on​ your budget,​ pain tolerance and desired results.


Waxing is​ a​ method that using wax adhesives to​ remove large amounts of​ hair in​ an​ area.
Waxing may be done in​ cold or​ hot method. Because waxing removes hair from the​ roots,​ result may last around three to​ eight weeks. Waxing is​ also fairly economical.

Hot waxing involves applying a​ thin layer hot wax in​ an​ area,​ after its cooled its quickly torn off. Cold waxing involves a​ strip with pre-heated wax and rubbed into skin and also removed in​ one quick pull. Most people favor hot waxing for​ they say its more effective than the​ cold one.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has all the​ rave nowadays. Although the​ method is​ an​ expensive one,​ but the​ results are close to​ permanent. People say its economical than waxing and other methods in​ the​ long run. the​ procedure is​ fairly painful. However,​ it’s very important that you​ undergo such procedures with a​ trained professional. Because some disaster stories have been heard.

The method uses wavelengths that penetrate through the​ skin. But the​ main target is​ the​ hair follicles,​ effectively disabling them,​ thus achieving a​ near permanent hair removal.


Epilators are having a​ comeback in​ the​ hair removal industry. Its becoming better as​ technology advances. They are very economical and have a​ longer results than shaving. Today’s epilators are almost painless.

Generally epilators really on​ set of​ rotating tweezers that pull the​ hair from its roots. Results could last as​ long as​ six to​ eight weeks.

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