To Weave Or Not To Weave The Hair Extension Question

There is​ no doubt that long,​ flowing hair is​ in,​ but many people who desire to​ have long hair are unable to​ achieve the​ right look no matter how long they let their hair grow. for​ this reason,​ many turn to​ hair extensions to​ get that look they've always dreamed of. Whether their hair is​ sparse and thin or​ ethnic and curly,​ many have found that they can have long hair through hair extension.

There are two major types of​ hair extension: strands and wefts. Strands use techniques that apply 20 to​ 50 strands of​ synthetic or​ natural hair to​ your own hair by weaving,​ heat fusing,​ gluing,​ clamping,​ or​ using waxes and polymers. Hair extension wefts,​ on​ the​ other hand,​ use wefts of​ hair that are sewn into a​ small braid of​ your own hair that has been put across your scalp for​ the​ purpose of​ hair extension.

With both types of​ hair extension you​ can achieve dramatic results. you​ can thicken and lengthen your hair instantly. And the​ hair extensions can be matched up perfectly to​ your own hair. With hair extensions,​ you​ shampoo,​ style and do everything that you​ would normally do to​ your own hair. if​ you​ want to​ change colors,​ you​ can. if​ you​ want to​ perm,​ you​ can. (There may be some restrictions with certain types of​ synthetic hair extension).

As with all salon services,​ there is​ some upkeep associated with hair extensions. the​ cost and frequency of​ your upkeep appointments will depend largely on​ what type of​ extensions that you​ purchase. the​ amount of​ damage to​ your natural hair and longevity of​ your hair extension will also be determined by which type of​ hair extensions you​ choose.

" Strands. This type of​ hair extension causes the​ most damage to​ your natural hair because the​ technique always involves attaching the​ extensions to​ your natural hair shaft by chemical means. as​ you​ can imagine by the​ name of​ some of​ the​ application methods used such as​ heat fusing and gluing,​ the​ damage can be substantial. While the​ strand hair extension does not cost as​ much as​ other procedures,​ there is​ a​ good deal of​ upkeep. These hair extensions normally have to​ be completely re-done every few months. And because these types of​ extensions cause so much damage to​ your hair shaft,​ they are not a​ good option for​ allowing your natural hair to​ grow out while you​ wear the​ extensions.

" Wefts. Weft hair extensions are by far the​ best types of​ hair extensions. the​ weft itself looks like a​ curtain of​ hair attached together at​ the​ top and free flowing at​ the​ bottom. These hair extensions are attached to​ your head by sewing them into a​ tiny braid made out of​ your own hair. the​ effects achieved with this technique are very natural and no one can see the​ braids or​ wefts of​ hair unless you​ show them. Since hair growth will push your braids off of​ your scalp,​ in​ order to​ keep this type of​ hair extension looking fresh,​ you​ need to​ return to​ your stylist every 6 to​ 8 weeks to​ have your wefts taken out and put back in​ close against your scalp.

So,​ if​ you​ always wanted long hair but have never been able to​ accomplish it,​ maybe hair extensions are just what you​ need. But be sure to​ weigh all of​ your options and the​ costs carefully before deciding to​ get hair extensions.

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