Tips On Writing A Research Paper

So you're in​ class on​ the​ first day of​ the​ week attentively listening to​ your professor giving a​ lecture. in​ the​ morning announcement the​ professor informs the​ class that two months from now a​ research paper will be due about some ambiguous topic causing the​ entire class to​ moan in​ agony. After much disbelief and complaint the​ professor continues on​ with her lecture for the​ remaining of​ the​ session while you think to​ yourself,​ ‘Two months is​ a​ lot of​ time.'

Wrong. Two months is​ definitely not enough time. Thinking you can procrastinate for something like this is​ what eventually gets you kicked out of​ school. the​ professor gave you a​ two months period to​ write this research paper because that is​ the​ average time it​ takes for someone to​ write a​ well thought-out,​ well written paper. if​ you think you can write an​ A-grade paper in​ less than a​ month,​ then you're either a​ prodigy or​ an​ idiot.

Considering that many of​ us are more or​ less well defined by the​ latter and therefore it​ is​ a​ much more responsible decision if​ we​ decide to​ start off on​ this project as​ soon as​ possible. But where do we​ begin? Well,​ first off we​ need to​ find a​ specific topic to​ write about. You can do this whenever you have free time because it​ doesn't require you to​ sit in​ front of​ your desk while you think of​ nothing. Just keep it​ in​ your mind as​ you go about your day when you have time to​ think of​ other thoughts. Once you find a​ topic to​ write about the​ hard part begins.

Now that you have a​ topic,​ you have to​ decide on​ how specific or​ ambiguous you want to​ write about your topic. to​ help you decide on​ this,​ you need to​ go about researching on​ about your topic and giving a​ day or​ two to​ see what is​ available on​ the​ internet and in​ print. if​ your topic barely has any information it​ might be a​ good idea to​ try to​ come up with a​ little broader topic making it​ a​ bit easier to​ write your research paper.

Once you decide on​ how thorough you wish to​ write your paper the​ time for research,​ as​ the​ name of​ the​ paper suggests,​ begins. This is​ the​ part where most of​ your time is​ spent. a​ good month or​ possibly even more can be spent on​ researching on​ what you are writing about. Many people think the​ research part comes easy,​ and it​ sometimes does. But the​ one fact people tend to​ ignore that is​ that not all the​ information given out there is​ true.

With faulty research you can write something in​ your paper that you may think it's true because someone else said it​ was while you were researching but that person may have been in​ the​ same position as​ yourself and was ignorant to​ the​ fact it​ may have been a​ false statement to​ begin with. to​ prevent this,​ it​ is​ better to​ find out about a​ fact and cross reference it​ multiple times with various dependable sources,​ mainly print as​ the​ internet has all kinds of​ faulty information.

Once you think you have enough material to​ write your paper you can now begin. Write your draft early so you have lots of​ time to​ revise it​ because your first draft is​ usually your worst draft. After you have had it​ edited and revised multiple times,​ once you feel with full confidence or​ the​ deadline is​ now you can at​ least hand in​ something that is​ college material.

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