Tips For Writing Website Content

Tips For Writing Website Content

Online businesses need to​ reflect the​ concept that "Content is​ King" in​ the​ design,​ marketing,​ and writing of​ their web sites to​ truly be successful.

At Swift Media UK,​ we​ always ask these 3 questions to​ online business professionals to​ see if​ they really understand the​ concept of​ "Content is​ King." we​ find that if​ they cannot answer these 3 questions immediately,​ then that gives us a​ clearer idea of​ how prepared the​ client is​ to​ be online.

Why should I visit your web site (without spending any money)?

The #1 reason people visit web sites is​ for information. Thus,​ if​ you provide information for people such as​ free marketing tips,​ a​ how-to section,​ or​ tips for buying your product or​ service,​ you have given a​ benefit for visiting your site.

The tips for buying your product or​ service are particularly beneficial because you are helping your potential customers make the​ best decision they can. it​ shows that you are thinking of​ your customers ("Let me help you make the​ best purchase for your budget"),​ not yourself ("Buy my stuff because I'm the​ best").

Why should I return to​ your website?

People usually won't buy from you until they visit your site 4-5 times. So you should give people a​ reason to​ return to​ your site. Updating product or​ service information,​ timely how-to tips,​ or​ an​ upgraded software demo are good reasons for people to​ return to​ your site or​ maybe even bookmark it.

This question also indicates web marketing savvy. Coca Cola does not show the​ same commercial year after year after year because people will get bored with the​ same commercial. Nor should anyone show the​ exact same web site month after month after month. a​ site should be updated at​ least every 1 to​ 3 months,​ even if​ the​ changes are minimal. (Search engines re-index/re-catalogue changed pages).

What separates you from your competition?

We expect to​ hear company's unique selling proposition (USP) here and try to​ design or​ market the​ site based on​ this. we​ are usually amazed when people tell that they are the​ *best* at​ something but cannot back it​ up with customer testimonials or​ data. we​ also get many potential clients that have no unique selling proposition.

We often hear the​ "best customer service" and the​ "lowest prices" together. From our standpoint,​ if​ you want to​ hire a​ really talented customer service staff,​ you have to​ pay them well. That will affect your overhead and,​ thus,​ your prices. Also,​ we​ have found that the​ lowest prices rarely get the​ best quality.

Online businesses who can answer these questions immediately do extremely well on​ the​ web because they are giving people reasons to​ come and return to​ their sites. They show that they are willing to​ listen to​ their visitors and adapt their site to​ help their visitors get what they want.

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