Tips For Writing Effective Interview Thank You Letters

Tips For Writing Effective Interview Thank You Letters

You’ve just finished interviewing for your dream job. There’s nothing more you can do than wait for the​ phone to​ ring,​ right? Wrong. to​ really increase your chances of​ getting a​ job offer,​ you need to​ follow up with an​ effective interview thank you letter. if​ written correctly,​ an​ effective interview thank you letter can be used to​ separate you from your competition.

Remember,​ the​ main point of​ sending a​ thank you letter after an​ interview is​ help you to​ stand out in​ the​ eyes of​ an​ employer. Most of​ your competition won’t take the​ time to​ send a​ thank you letter. Those that do won’t write an​ effective thank you letter that sells them to​ an​ employer.

Key Points to​ Consider

Here are some key points to​ consider when developing your post interview thank you letter:

·Write a​ thank you letter to​ each person you met with
·Send your thank you letter as​ soon as​ possible - the​ day of​ or​ the​ day after the​ interview
·To ensure a​ timely delivery,​ e-mail your thank you letter,​ if​ possible
·Ask for business cards from each person you meet with during your interview to​ gather the​ appropriate e-mail addresses to​ use with your thank you letters

What to​ Include in​ Your Post Interview Thank You Letter

As you’re writing your thank you letter,​ be sure to​ incorporate the​ following:

·Keep your thank you letter to​ no more than one page
·Start by thanking the​ interviewer for meeting with you
·Express your interest in​ the​ position
·Identify your strongest selling points and reiterate them in​ your thank you letter
·Cover any key points you forgot to​ mention in​ the​ interview,​ but know would increase your chances of​ receiving a​ job offer
·Close by again thanking the​ interviewer for their time,​ expressing your interest in​ the​ position,​ and indicating you hope to​ hear from them soon

Interview thank you letters can gain you job offers by giving you one more opportunity to​ present your strongest selling points to​ a​ potential employers as​ well as​ an​ opportunity to​ present important information you forgot to​ mention during the​ interview. Take the​ time to​ write a​ thank you letter after your interview to​ help you land your dream job.

Tips For Writing Effective Interview Thank You Letters

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