Tips For Moving With Young Children

Tips For Moving With Young Children

Moving can upset children of​ any age. it​ frequently causes them to​ feel apprehensive and​ insecure. But, don’t despair; there are many things you​ can do to​ make the moving experience less scary for​ your​ children.

Involve Them from the Very Beginning.

Tell your​ children as​ soon​ as​ you​ know you’re moving; don’t spring it​ on​ them at​ the last minute. Explain​ why you’re moving in​ terms they can understand. Do you​ need more room? Are you​ relocating because of​ a​ new job? Be sure to​ explain​ what will happen so they’ll know what to​ expect. this​ will remove a​ lot of​ the fear and​ confusion​ they may be feeling. Tell them when the move will take place and​ how their things will get from the old house to​ the new house. Be sure and​ answer their questions as​ fully as​ you​ can. Remember that your​ attitude about the move will rub off on​ them, so stay upbeat and​ positive. to​ help prepare them further, you​ canchoose from among many children’s books available on​ moving. Just a​ couple of​ these are “Berenstain​ Bear’s Moving Day” by Sam Berenstain​ and​ “Goodbye House” by Frank Asch. Check your​ local library for​ more.

Make the Move an​ Adventure.

if​ you​ approach the coming move as​ an​ exciting adventure for​ the entire family, it​ will help to​ calm your​ children’s fears. The more positive you​ are about the move, the more positive they will be. Make sure they understand​ they won’t be left behind. Ask for​ their suggestions and​ involve them in​ the plans. if​ it’s possible, show them the new house and​ let them spend some time exploring it. Show them where their rooms will be. Help them visualize where their furniture and​ toys will go. Show them the yard and​ help them imagine all the fun they will have there. if​ it’s impossible for​ them to​ visit the new house, take tons of​ photos so they’ll know what it​ looks like and​ can become familiar with it. Talk about all the fun things the family will do there.

Let Them Help.

if​ you​ give your​ children an​ active role in​ the move they are much more likely to​ accept it​ and​ even grow excited about it. Let them pack some of​ their own belongings, even if​ you​ have to​ go back and​ repack them later. this​ will help them feel a​ part of​ the move. if​ there are old toys you​ don’t plan to​ take, let the kids help decide which of​ them should be given away for​ other children to​ use and​ which should be discarded.

What to​ Do on​ Moving Day.

The best plan is​ to​ have the children stay with a​ family member or​ trusted friend on​ the day of​ the move. if​ this​ isn’t possible, be sure and​ involve them in​ the moving activities. if​ you​ have a​ moving company, introduce your​ children to​ the workers so they’ll know who’s taking their stuff away. you​ can give them a​ box of​ their own to​ pack. this​ could be the box of​ special belongings you’re taking in​ the car with you. it​ should include all the things your​ children can’t live without ~ favorite stuffed animals, that special blanket, maybe their favorite pajamas. this​ will accomplish three things. it​ will keep the children occupied and​ feeling useful and​ it​ will also ensure that you​ know exactly where these special items are. you​ would never want to​ arrive at​ your​ new home not knowing where to​ locate Susie’s scruffy old bear or​ Johnny’s favorite action​ figure! it​ will also help the children feel secure since they have their most important belongings with them.

You’re on​ your​ Way to​ your​ New Home.

if​ you’re driving to​ your​ new home, make the trip exciting! if​ the kids can relate the move to​ family fun, they’ll enjoy it​ so much more. if​ it’s a​ long drive, be sure and​ have lots of​ games or​ books to​ keep the children occupied. Maybe each person​ could tell their own story about what they think living in​ the new house will be like. You’ll arrive happy and​ anxious to​ start this​ new phase of​ your​ lives.

Tips For Moving With Young Children

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