Tips For Decorating A Fireplace Mantel

Tips For Decorating A Fireplace Mantel

if​ you​ are looking to​ give your​ room a​ focal point or​ something to​ highlight it, look no further than the fireplace mantel that's already there. Many tend to​ leave their fireplace mantels bare, failing to​ realize that they can decorate their fireplace mantel so that it​ become attractive enough to​ become the room's focal point.

Many homeowners fail to​ realize that they can do many things on​ their fireplace mantel to​ make it​ more interesting and​ appealing. Fireplace mantels that come straight out of​ a​ magazine page are not the only fireplace mantels that can be regarded as​ attractive. With a​ good dose of​ creativity and​ fun, even the drabbest of​ fireplace mantels can be made attractive.

A fireplace mantel is​ a​ decorative surface that you​ can decorate in​ either a​ symmetrical or​ asymmetrical manner. if​ you​ want to​ give the fireplace mantel and​ the room a​ formal air, go with decorating the fireplace mantel in​ a​ symmetrical fashion. However, if​ you​ want to​ give an​ air of​ coziness and​ informality, go with an​ asymmetrical decoration. you​ can achieve an​ asymmetrical look for​ your​ fireplace mantel by grouping odd-numbered objects in​ different sizes and​ even color. However, there still must be balance in​ the asymmetrical decoration​ in​ order to​ create the best effect.

When to​ Decorate Fireplace Mantels

Holidays and​ special occasions are especially great times for​ you​ to​ start decorating and​ showing off your​ fireplace mantel. for​ instance, Halloween gives you​ the opportunity to​ use lights for​ decorating your​ fireplace mantel and​ show off some of​ your​ creativity. Other times you​ may want to​ decorate your​ fireplace mantel are Labor Day, Fourth of​ July, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving and​ Christmas. you​ can even decorate your​ fireplace mantel using seasonal themes. Keep in​ mind that when it​ comes to​ decorating your​ fireplace mantel, it​ is​ best to​ give your​ creativity free rein.

Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas

* When you​ are decorating your​ fireplace mantel, avoid using anything that is​ made from inflammable materials. Use decorative objects that aren't inflammable.

* Fruits make wonderful fireplace mantel decorations. a​ simple, but striking fireplace mantel decoration​ is​ a​ vase or​ pitcher full of​ lemons and​ limes. The contrast of​ colors draws the eyes to​ the fireplace.

* Decorate the space below the fireplace mantel with cones.

* Add depth and​ illuminate the room by placing a​ mirror on​ the fireplace mantel.

* Avoid giving your​ fireplace mantel a​ "firing line" appearance. Don't simply line up the objects or​ use objects that are of​ similar heights. Make your​ fireplace mantel look dynamic by mixing up objects of​ different sizes.

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